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how to make eye contact with a girl

how to make eye contact with a girl

The eyes are the mirrors of your soul. They are a strong magnet that can draw the person you’re making eye contact with to do the same. This can initiate a conversation which is followed with a smile. How to make eye contact with a girl needs to be respectful so as not to be mistaken as a sexual harassment move. Guys should be very careful on this. Experiment with the following techniques. They will surely help you:

  1. Observe her actions to discover an opportunity to make good eye contact with her. Watch her movements especially when her attention is directed towards you or your path. Look at her once or twice but never gaze. Do it again for a longer period. When she finally looks back at you, your eyes are connected! Make some nice gestures to start a conversation. She will be too willing to understand what are you trying to say if she happens to like you and not too shy to be friendly with you.

  2. Be careful not to look at her chest. If she notices you doing that, you have already lost your chances immediately.

    She will never allow herself to get close to you for the fear of being exposed to a potential rapist. You will be a nightmare for her if you are not careful.

  3. It is scary to be stared at if not offensive. No gentleman can do this to a woman. You will not be perceived as a good person, or you will never be considered attractive given the circumstances. You’ll be treated like someone with a contagious disease that must be avoided. So refrain from doing this.

  4. You demonstrate poor taste when you wink at a stranger you like. It is acceptable to do this when the woman already knows you. You can also make this as a sign that you are just being humorous with your stories. Never use this to introduce yourself to that special lady you want to get to know really soon.

  5. Calculate the distance when making eye contact. Your short attempts of looking at her will not be obvious when you are seated away from each other. Make a longer look with more elaborated gestures to be seen without being rude.

  6. You have a great chance that the woman likes you when you finally catch her eyes and she is blushing. You should do something to make her feel comfortable right away, and she will appreciate that. You can simply say “hello” or “how’s your day?”

  7. A smile can neutralize any friction from eye contact. Subtle smiles can do much more than exaggerated ones. She might think that you are a lunatic when you display that ear-to-ear smile of yours. Even if you don’t end up with her, your being a decent person will always be remembered.

How to make eye contact with a girl has something to do with self-control. Do not get too carried away because you are more likely to create undesirable actions involuntarily. Try to contain your feelings and still be sensible with what you’re doing. Remember that this is just to initiate your introduction to the woman that you really like. As early as it may seem, this is the right time to establish a lasting relationship whether it’s romantic or just a friendly one.


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