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how to make false teeth

how to make false teeth

False teeth, also known as dentures, are replacements for missing teeth. They are prosthetic devices that are generally removable, although some are carefully implanted in the oral cavity. Dentures have two main classifications based on the placement of the false teeth -- either in the maxillary arch part or in the mandibular arch area. Although orthodontists specialize in creating dentures, you can learn how to make false teeth without an education in dentistry. The teeth are responsible for breaking down foods into small pieces so the body has an easier time digesting. It is even recommended that you chew foods at least 40 to 50 times before swallowing. But, what if you have a missing tooth or all of your teeth are gone? The solution is false teeth. If you are a first-timer and eager to learn the basics of making false teeth, just follow the steps below.

  1. Prepare and make your first cast. Prepare your materials first. There are plenty of items that you must gather before you begin the process.

    For your first cast, put the alginate in the dental tray. After a few minutes, remove the alginate from the tray. Prepare your mix of Ultracal and pour the mix into the cast that you made. To remove air bubbles in the cast, just tap the cast and the Ultracal mix will fill those gaps. Wait for the Ultracal mix to dry in the cast. Wait an hour to allow the Ultracal mix to dry perfectly in the cast.

  2. Detach the case from the tray. Once the mix is perfectly dry, detach the case from the dental tray. Make that the plaster isn’t damaged in the process. Cut the edges of the molds with a coping saw, a scalpel or a razor knife. Cut slowly to avoid damage.

  3. Form the new teeth. Once the mold is complete, set it in an upright position, place in it your mouth and bite down. Wait for several minutes until the mold gets hard. Once the mold hardens, remove it from your mouth. The form of your teeth will appear in the mold.

  4. Take measurements. The size and shape of the teeth must be imitated perfectly. Therefore, taking the appropriate and precise dimensions is highly important.

  5. Prepare you agar material. Fill the mold that you made with your agar material and place it in the freezer. After an hour or so, the mold will harden and you can remove the newly formed teeth by putting the mold in the water.

  6. Make the final cut on your newly made false teeth. With the use of a razor knife, cut the design of your teeth according to the measurements you have taken earlier. Cut as close to your measurements as possible.

  7. Color your newly made false teeth to perfection. Once again, fill the mold with an acrylic color of your choice. Place you newly made false teeth in the mold. Once the color settles on the teeth, then it is time to make final touches. With the use of a fine-grit sand paper, sand the rough edges of your newly formed false teeth. Wash it and you are done.

Making false teeth can be a lucrative business. If you have the license, expertise, and the finesse in doing your craft, then making false teeth can bring you good returns even if you are just doing it at home. With just little experience, buy your own materials and simply follow the above steps on how to make false teeth.


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