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How to Make Fishtail Rubber Band Bracelets

How to Make Fishtail Rubber Band Bracelets

Rainbow Loom accessories have become popular among kids and the young at heart. However, you don't have to own a kit in order to learn how to make fishtail rubber band bracelets. You can actually use a crochet hook or the plastic pegs that come with the official set for this simple process. To make one with your own bare hands, follow these instructions:

  1. Decide on color. Choose one, two, or even more colors, depending on your preferences. Get a large pack of each color so that you don't run out of rubber bands during the process of making your own fishtail bracelets.

  2. You can start with a two-color fishtail rubber band bracelet, as the alternating hues can help you distinguish which band to work on when creating the weave.

  3. Get a rubber band and twist it so that it resembles an infinity sign. Slip your index and middle fingers into each hole of this twisted band respectively. Make sure the band is positioned halfway down the length of your fingers and keep these two fingers apart so that the band is stretched out, giving you more room to work with.

    Your fingers should look like they're making a peace sign.

  4. Slip on two more bands onto both fingers without twisting the bands. Position these two neatly, spacing them out evenly, but not too far from each other, above the twisted band.

  5. Take the bottom band on your index finger and pull it over your finger so it overlaps the top band and ends up in the middle of the stretched top band. Do the same with the one on your middle finger.

  6. Hold the band that you just repositioned in the middle and secure a plastic C clip to it. The clip holds both ends together. Attaching it in advance gives you have something to pull on easily when you need to adjust or stretch the length of the woven rubber bands so they're even and neat.

  7. Slide in another band on top of the two encircling your two fingers and pull over the bottom band over the topmost band so it's in between your fingers, just like what in step 5.

  8. Keep adding bands and repeating the same process, alternating the colors you've chosen to work with. Don't forget to stretch out the length of band every now and then so you more clearly see the pattern and its true length.

  9. Once the woven bands have reached the length you wanted, pull on the last band and attach it to the other side of the clip to close.

  10. To make the process easier, you can use a crochet hook to manipulate the bands into a fishtail pattern. You can also use a loom made for this purpose, which will reduce the potential discomfort of working with your hands.

You can experiment with various color patterns and combinations. Of course, you should choose complementary pairings. For example, you can pair red bands with yellow ones for a striking effect, or try pastel green and blue for a less striking yet equally eye-catching effect. It is possible that your first attempts learning how to make fishtail rubber band bracelets may not produce flawless-looking results. However, with more practice and continued improvement, you'll be able to create them quickly and flawlessly.


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