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how to make football jerseys

how to make football jerseys

Just like with any other sport, in football games, jerseys are very important. Learning how to make football jerseys is one gesture or expression of love for the game itself. The history of each team is unique. Oftentimes, the team’s moniker is derived from a name that has significant contribution to it success like the team founder or the place where the team was founded. Normally, jerseys bear the name and mascot of the team. If you want to make your own football jersey, the process involved is not as hard as playing the game itself. Just make sure that you have the necessary materials, such as a blank shirt, tape measure, scissors, thread, a sewing machine, needle, knife, fabric and felt in the team color, iron-on backing, and a picture of the jersey you want to recreate or take inspiration from.

  1. Buy materials. Secure the necessary materials. Make sure to select a good fabric. If you are on a budget, look for sales in big departments stores.

  2. Look for designs on the Internet.

    Visit websites with football jersey logos that allows downloads for free. As soon as you find your favorite logo, print it in full color so that you can see every detail of the design. If there are unclear minor details, zoom in on the image.

  3. Prepare your paper stencils. The paper stencils will serve as your pattern when you cut the fabric. Moreover, they can also be used to make patterns for numbers and letters.

  4. Cut the fabric. Use sharp scissors with the stencil for a clean and precise cut. Note that you can do away with this step if you are using a ready-made blank shirt.

  5. Cut out numbers. Cut three varying sizes of numbers in four different sets. The first and second sets of numbers will be used on the right and left sleeves of the football jersey. These numbers must measure at least 6 inches in height so they may appear prominent even at a distance. The third set of numbers will be used for the front of the jersey. The height of these numbers must be at least 10 inches. The fourth set of jersey numbers, which must be at least 16 inches in height, is for the back of the jersey.

  6. Sew the two colors of numbers together. Sew the white number onto the team colored number for all of the sets. Sew with small stitches and try to make them unnoticeable. Use the appropriate thread color.

  7. Place the iron-on backing on every number. The adhesive side of the iron-on will stick to the back of the objects. The other side has a glue-like substance that allows any object to stick to fabric when subjected to heat. After placing the numbers on the backing, cut the backing in the shape of the number.

  8. Put all the numbers in their respective places. To ensure that everything fits, place all the numbers on the jersey before ironing. Adjust as necessary, and then iron them on.

  9. Sew on the letters. Place the letters on to ensure they fit well before sewing. Use the right color thread to avoid noticeable stitches.

  10. Add stripes and logo. Add on stripes and the logo to make the jersey look authentic.

Making custom sport jerseys is actually a very lucrative business, especially during the football season. Jerseys sell like hotcakes to millions of sport fans around the world during the peak season of a given sport. In American football, fall is the peak football season. If you want to learn how to make football jerseys, just follow the above-mentioned steps and have fun doing it!    


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