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How to Make French Twist with Long Hair

How to Make French Twist with Long Hair

The classic, elegant French twist hairdo is perfect for most, if not all, formal occasions, such as weddings, proms, and formal dinners. However, when you have really long or thick hair, this style may be a definite no-go. When you put your hair up, there is the fear that your up-do may unravel at some point. Fortunately, there is a way on how to make French twist with long hair with thick, lengthy tresses like yours. Begin your hair transformation right now by following these steps:

  1. You'll need hair spray, at least 10 bobby pins of the same color as your mane, a brush, and a hair tie.

  2. Dress up first so that you don’t have to change and ruin your up-do.

  3. Do a low side part and brush your hair out to remove tangles and smoothen it. Sweep it all to the left if you're right handed and vice versa. Go for the side that you're most comfortable with.

  4. Gather your hair in one hand as if you're going to make a low ponytail and tightly twist it upward in the opposite direction where you swept it.

    Do this step carefully and slowly, making sure your hair is not out of place as you twist it up.

  5. If you have problems managing your hair, you can comb in some hair wax with your fingers before beginning the twist so your tresses are more manageable. You can also tie the ends of your hair together so they stay gathered as you do the twist.

  6. When you're halfway through your hair, grasp the bottom twist firmly and carefully spread the twisted hair upward about an inch or two so you create a smoother surface. Make sure that the hair on top of your head does not rise with the twist. Keep smoothing it down as you go.

  7. Twist a bit more until the twisted hair is as the same length of your head. Twist the remaining untwisted portion of your hair inward so it loops into the knot. Your untwisted hair should be sticking out from under the top portion of the twist like a tail.

  8. Insert a bobby pin into the loop at the top portion of the twisted hair so it stays in place. Pin it in a way that you join the twisted strands to the roots of your hair.

  9. Pin about two more on the top. Then, carefully push the remaining untwisted hair inside the twisted hair, letting it slide under the main knot so it's hidden.

  10. Once the remaining hair has been completely hidden under the knot, pin along the open side of the twist to secure your hair. Make sure the pins are not visible. Pin some more until you're confident that the knot has been secured in place.

  11. Leave a few wisps or tendrils of hair at the sides of your face for a more romantic or feminine look. Comb your bangs, if you have them, in place and finish off with hair spray.

It's recommended that you practice how to make French twist with long hair before any big events so that you can pull off this up-do more confidently and in less time when the day comes.


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