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how to make garlic juice

how to make garlic juice

Garlic is becoming more popular due to its positive effects on our bodies. For many decades, it has been used in both cooking and a medicine. Garlic, being widely available throughout the world, is relatively affordable and can assume different forms – paste, powder and even capsules. Here you will learn how to make garlic juice for personal use. Though garlic has a strong smell that not everyone enjoys, its popularity never ceases. Health-wise, garlic is known to contain a good amount of germanium. Germanium is used in treating various types of cancer such as leukemia. It is also believed to aid in controlling diabetes and hypertension.  In general, garlic will boost your immune system when fighting the majority of diseases. Garlic is also known for its anti-bacterial components, which make it useful in treating wounds, cuts, bruises and burns. It is commonly used raw, mashed then placing directly into the wound.  It can also be used for fungal infections. Aside from this, garlic can really bring out delicious flavors in various dishes. It can be made as sauces, dips, and even cake.

s additional flavor can spice up any meat -- from fish to lamb to beef. Here are the steps to make some:

  1. Prepare the items that you will need: a bulb of garlic, mesh strainer, coffee filter, food processor and knife. This should not take long.

  2. Break the bulb of garlic into cloves. Peel the skin by smashing a knife flat into the cloves. The skin will come off easily.

  3. Once you have removed the skin, put the cloves in a food processor. Blend all the cloves of garlic until they reach a creamy texture.

  4. To get all the juices, pour the creamy liquid into the strainer. Use the back of spoon and press downwards to extract as much juice as you can, leaving unwanted bits and pieces in the mesh strainer.

  5. To make sure that all the juices are liquefied, strain it again, but this time, use the coffee filter. You should get smooth, lump free garlic juice. One bulb of garlic can make about a one third cup of garlic juice.

  6. You can use this juice right away. However, if you want to store it, pour the juice in an ice cube tray and place it in the freezer to preserve it.

You can also roast your garlic or even grill it to give it a different flavor. Brush the bulb of garlic with olive oil and place it in the oven or grill in low heat. Let it cool before you touch it. Once it’s cool, cut the end part of the bulb and squeeze the pulp out. Blend it and strain it as directed above. When choosing and buying garlic, make sure that the whole covering is intact and pure white. It should be firm to the touch. Soft cloves may indicate rotting. Check the head for any discoloration, which usually takes the form of brown or black spots or powdery patches. Store your garlic in a cool, dry place. It will last for approximately two months. The steps on how to make garlic juice are simple to follow. You can make it a habit to have stored garlic juice in your freezer at all times.


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