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how to make gift boxes

how to make gift boxes

Just when you think gift boxes are not popular anymore, especially with the popularity of easy-to-use ready-made gift pouches, you are challenged with the idea of how to make gift boxes when organizing gifts for special occasions. Gift items come in varied shapes and sizes, but they will all look fabulous when placed in gift boxes. It’s not all the time that you can find the right box for your gift, but you can actually make them yourself. Here’s how:

  1. Fold a piece of construction paper diagonally to form a perfect square. The thicker the paper, the sturdier your box is going to be. Cut off the excess paper leaving only the perfect square.

  2. Fold the square in half diagonally.

  3. Fold one edge of the square forming a triangle. Press to leave a mark then open it flat again against the surface of the worktable.

  4. Do the edge folding for the opposite side. Make sure that they touch the middle line.

    ay them flat again after pressing both sides to leave the marks.

  5. Create a new line starting from folding the first side in such a way that its tip reaches the opposite mark.

  6. Do the same step to the other side and lay flat again after pressing.

  7. Fold both corners to reach the next folded line. Observe the seven folds created following the same direction when laid flat.

  8. Do the same process to the other two sides to form a checkered layout.

  9. Cut two parallel sides in-between the two folds. This must be done also on the opposite side. There will be a total of four cuts.

  10. Raise the two cut flaps up and back to the surface again after creasing.

  11. Place the cutout lines vertically in front of you. Fold the first point near you twice until it reaches the cut portion.

  12. Do the same at the opposite side. See that the ends of the folded sides are somewhat bent because of the cutting but the side walls are intact.

  13. Raise the side walls up and fold the bent sides in place forming a square.

  14. Inspect the four walls of the box. It should hold firm when correctly done.

  15. Notice the contained area by viewing it from the top.

  16. Fold in the two flaps created. They should overlap the side walls. The end point will be fitted inside the contained surface of the box.

  17. Make sure that the same process is done to both flaps.

  18. Do the same procedures to make the lid of the box. Only the initial square piece you are going to make is around an inch larger than what you've made for the bottom part. This should allow the lid to cover the box.

  19. Add a ribbon only if the construction paper used for the box has already the appropriate wrapping paper design for the occasion. Do not forget to seal the box after placing your gift inside with Scotch tape. Place some crumpled scratch paper to avoid the gift from shifting inside the box.

The art of box making is a craft that everybody can learn. Show your children how to make gift boxes, and they will always look forward to your gift-wrapping sessions every time holiday seasons are fast approaching. This is an activity that can enhance the creativity of young minds and will be a good pastime for adults. You will never have to worry about not being able to find the right box for that gift that you've been eyeing for a special someone.


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