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how to make goat milk soap

how to make goat milk soap

Studies show that anything you apply or use on your skin and body will be absorbed into your skin up to 60 percent. This means that the substances in your lotions, moisturizers, soap, shampoo and the like will eventually find their way into your system, even if they are only applied topically on your skin and scalp. Given this, it is essential to make sure that the bath and beauty products you use are safe and, if possible, organic. A lot of shampoos, soap, lotions and moisturizers contain harsh and even toxic substances. One option that we have in ensuring that everything we use on our skin and body is safe is to make the products ourselves. This suggestion may sound ludicrous, but it is not as hard as it sounds. Soap making for example is done both as a hobby and as a necessity around the world. One good type of homemade soap is goat’s milk soap. Learning how to make goat milk soap can be done by first-timers as long as the ingredients are handled with due care and, of course, with careful study of the process. Goat’s milk is known for its moisturizing properties.

t’s milk soap can also help cure acne if used on a regular basis. One can also add essential oils such as grape seed extract, which has antibacterial properties and can speed up scar tissue regeneration, pure palm oil, which is a strong antioxidant, and pure olive oil, which is good for the skin and known to counter aging. Here are steps you can follow to make your very own batch of goat milk’s soap:

  1. Prepare the materials and ingredients.

    You will need the following to make goat’s milk soap. This can make eight to fourteen bars of soap:

     8 ounces of pure goat’s milk

    15 ounces of organic olive oil

    5 ounces of organic palm oil

    5 ounces of organic coconut oil

    Half a cup of organic baby oatmeal (do not use instant oatmeal)

    Optional ingredients are:

    A dash of fragrant essential oils (such as lavender) if you want your soap to be fragrant

    A bit of soap dye which can be either synthetic or natural, if you want your soap to be colored

    You will also need the following materials:

    Hand gloves and eye goggles to be used in handling the lye

    Mixing bowls (preferably glass)

    Aluminum cooking pot

    Spatulas (preferably wooden)

    Molds you do not reuse them for food.

  2. Leave to harden. Leave the mold in constant room temperature for an entire day or so and cut down to pieces, if necessary.

Learning how to make goat milk soap can be done at home and will yield bar soaps for a much lower expense than buying organic soap. This can even be done as a business venture for those who have the time and are inclined to start a homemade soap business. Not only is it a worthwhile skill to have, but it also helps you make sure that the soap you and your family are using is safe and 100 percent organic. Enjoy!


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