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how to make greeting cards

how to make greeting cards

People can make and send e-cards easily online, and there are also many applications that can help people make greeting cards even if they are not graphic artists. Follow these steps to learn how to make greeting cards.

  1. Decide on the software. PageMaker and InDesign programs are what professional greeting card makers normally use. If you have limited graphic and computer skills, try Art Explosion Greeting Card Factory or Hallmark Card Studio. Feel free to play around with them to see if you can handle them.

  2. Check out available templates. Most software comes with various pre-made templates for greeting cards. No point giving yourself a hard time when you can just choose a template for your design. You can still make changes to customize the template.

  3. Add images. Use clip art, images from the Internet, or personal photos and incorporate them.

  4. Be consistent with fonts. Highly readable fonts are best.

    You can add some variations, but never use too many fonts. You can also change up a font with italics, bold, and other formatting to highlight the main message.

  5. If you want, add a frame to the front and inside page of your card to draw your reader’s attention to an important image or message. You can draw boxes or align edges with horizontal and vertical lines.

  6. Keep the card simple. You don’t want to end up having a card that is an eyesore.

  7. Do a trial print-out and proofread. Mark any mistakes or imperfections on the printout and apply them to the card on the computer.

  8. Do a final print on quality paper made for greeting cards. Some laminated papers are prone to spots and ink leakages. Greeting card stock is the best choice. If you are willing to pay more, opt for high quality photo paper.

If the above tips on how to make greeting cards did not discourage you, you are on your way to making beautiful custom greeting cards.


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