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How to Make Hair Barrettes

How to Make Hair Barrettes

If you don’t think you have time for DIY projects, you'll be surprised to find out that you can actually accomplish one within five to 10 minutes. If you set aside this little bit of time every day to learning how to make hair barrettesunique, you'll end with more than two dozen special hair accessories in a month! Keep reading to get started.

  1. The key to pulling off a quick DIY hair barrette project is having the necessary amounts of all the needed materials all in one place. This way, you can create more whenever time permits.

  2. You need a glue gun, a couple of glue sticks, plain metal hair clips and barrettes, scissors, ribbons of various colors, buttons, wood craft shapes, fabric, silver studs, glitter, silk flowers, bows, and other desired decorative items.

  3. Insert the ribbon into the clip where it bends open and close. Wrap the ribbon around until it covers the entire outer surface and you return to the starting point. Cut the ribbon.

  4. Use the hot glue gun to attach the ribbon onto the clip.


  5. Open the clip and glue on a wooden craft shape, bow, or decorative item of a complementary, matching, or same color as the ribbon at the portion where the lower part of the clip opens and closes. Gluing it on with the clip open to find the best position so that it doesn't crack or get damaged when you open and close the clip.

  6. Cut a strip of leather a bit wider and longer than the barrette itself. And cut a strip of your choice of fabric about half an inch wider and longer than the leather strip.

  7. Place the leather strip onto the wrong side of the fabric strip. Fold and glue the edges onto the leather strip. Next, glue it right side up onto the outer portion of the barrette.

  8. You can also decorate with ribbon bows. Cut a piece of ribbon twice the length of a barrette plus an extra 2 inches. Apply glue to the ends of the ribbon and stick them to the center of the ribbon. Repeat this process to make another bow.

  9. Glue one bow to the outer surface of a barrette, pressing firmly so it sticks to the metal. Then, glue the second bow on top to form a cross. Press down firmly.

  10. Lastly, you can add beads, studs, or a small wood craft shape in the middle of the bows for a more striking effect.

As you get better at how to make hair barrettes one of a kind, you'll find that ribbons with more body or firmness, such as grosgrain types, make better decorative choices. You can pick ones with prints for many new possibilities.


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