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How to Make Hair Bows

How to Make Hair Bows

If you have been flipping through fashion magazines and lookbooks lately, you should have seen that hair accessories like hairbows are in, even among the sophisticated set. Some fashion mavens are even saying that this trend can be interpreted as a modified version of the British penchant for little hats and veils due to the popularity of her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cambridge. Others attribute it to the growing influence of kawaii and K-Pop, both of which are rather interesting blends of the cute and the sexy. Whether you are aiming to be trendy or not, hairbows can add a charming touch to your ensemble. The challenge is finding pieces that are sophisticated enough for someone older than six. Luckily, it’s not that difficult to learn how to make hair bows yourself; all you need are some basic materials and a little patience. Admittedly, there is a bit of a learning curve involved, but once you get the hang of it, you will be turning out these gorgeous bows in minutes. For a simple tutorial on how to create a basic hairbow, follow these steps:

  1. The basic hairbow has two ribbon loops on each side.

    It is deceptively simple. Depending on your choice of center charm, it can look very chic or very cute. To create the basic hairbow, you will need about 18 inches of 1.5-inch grosgrain ribbon (we suggest going for dark, plain ribbons like black or midnight blue if you want something glam), about six inches of fine-gauge floral wire, a glue gun, your choice of hair clip, a pair of scissors, and a center charm (which can be anything like an interesting button, a jujube, a Swarovski crystal, a small brooch, etc.

  2. Take the length of grosgrain ribbon and fold it in half, pressing the crease down with your thumb and forefinger to make a mark.

  3. Lay the ribbon flat, and taking one end, create a loop by laying it loosely on top of the center of the ribbon, right where you have made the mark.

  4. Do the same with the other end. By this time, you should have created a figure eight. The ends of the ribbons should overlap by about an inch in the center.

  5. Carefully pick up the figure eight, pinching the center down to preserve its position. Take the outside edge of the loop into the center and hold it in place. Do the same for the other loop. If necessary, make adjustments to keep the loops even. By this time, you should have two parallel loops.

  6. Pinch the two parallel loops in the middle, accordion style. You will have formed a nice double bow.

  7. Take a piece of fine-gauge floral wire and wrap it tightly around the center to hold the double bow in place. Twist the ends of the floral wire to the back. Trim off the excess wire.

  8. Take your hair clip and position it on the back of your bow. Use the glue gun to attach the bow and the hair clip.

  9. Turn the hair bow over and attach the center charm with the help of the glue gun.

The best thing about learning how to make hairbows is that you can create one to go perfectly with any outfit you own. If you take the time to source your materials well, it takes a dollar or less to make. These inexpensive DIY hairbows are also great stocking stuffers. If you make many at one time, you can even save some and give them away as a “just because” gift anytime you feel like making a girl happy.


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