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how to make hard apple cider

how to make hard apple cider

Hard apple cider is actually an alcoholic drink; as the name suggests, it contains apple content. It is different from ordinary cider, so don’t confuse yourself. If you enjoy this beverage, you should learn how to make hard apple cider and enjoy it whenever you want! There are different varieties of apples that can be used for a cider. The types of apples you choose affect the outcome of the cider; it may be sweet, bittersweet, sharp or bitter sharp tasting. It is also a common practice to combine various kinds of apple to produce a different combination of flavors. Making apple cider involves changing the yeast found in the fruit from sugar to alcohol. Here are the guidelines to making hard apple cider:

  1. To make this at home, you will need plastic gallons, glass or wooden barrels. To be able to ferment the fruit, you need to have an air lock. This will enable any air to come in and go out. Eventually, the process will produce gas. You can buy an air lock from any wine supply store.

  2. Make an apple cider and set it aside.

    Do not put any preservative into the cider. It is recommended that you blend at least three varieties of apples for a more distinct and flavorful cider. Place the freshly made cider in a clean container. If you have a wooden barrel, it will be perfect because it aids in the aging process.

  3. For every gallon of cider, add one pound of sugar. This will be the key ingredient in making the hard apple cider. You can also use honey instead of sugar or combine both options. Dissolve the honey and sugar by leaving the ingredients in a warm cider. Mix thoroughly to combine it with the cider.

  4. The apple fruit contains yeast, so there is no need to add yeast to ferment. The existing yeast will ferment the sugar in becoming an alcohol. There is a different way to do this in larger productions, but for a homemade concoction, this should do well.

  5. You are now ready to keep the cider and store it. Attach the air lock to the container. It is best to keep this under a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. You can store this in the basement for a couple of months. If the storage location has a lower temperature, the fermentation of the sugar to alcohol may take a while longer.

  6. Do not move the container once you have stored it. Moving it will cause the sediments that have settled to mix with the solution. The result will be a cloudy product.

  7. Two months afterward, pour out all the juice or what it called decanted.  Place it in a temporary container. Wash the barrel thoroughly and put the juice back in. Store this at a much lower temperature. At 40 degrees, you should let it age for at least a year. The longer it ages, the stronger and more flavorful the taste.

Although it is an alcoholic drink, there are some meals wherein you can incorporate hard apple ciders. For most of us, we opt to drink it during the holidays or even during a little gathering. Learning how to make hard apple cider on your own will give you something to look forward to as it ages. A party is just a glass away.


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