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How to Make Hats and Fascinators

How to Make Hats and Fascinators

Fabulous and stylish women wear beautiful hats and creatively designed fascinators in order to look glamorous for many occasions, such a weddings and big parties. If you are curious about learning how to make hats and fascinators that your friends will envy, just keep on reading below. Some of the famous hatters include Sharp and Davis, James Lock & Company, David Shelling, and Elvis Pompilio. Notably, it was Phillip Treacy, an Irish milliner, who made award-winning hats that ladies wear at royal weddings. To learn how to create a fascinating fascinator, below are the guidelines.

  1. Prepare the materials needed. You will need a piece of sinamay fabric, millinery wire, ribbon, and feathers. Also, prepare sharp scissors, a wire cramp, jewelry crimper, pin, glue, and a glue gun. When you have them all, then you are good to go.

  2. Make a circle on a piece of sinamay. The sinamay fabric is mainly made from the fibers of banana plant. A stiff and open-weave material, it is commonly used in hats and fascinators.

    Trace out a small circle on the fabric, just the size of your desired fascinator hat, plus at least 1/4 inch extra for the hem. Thereafter, use sharp scissors to carefully cut out the circle. The fascinator should be as small as that of a coffee tin lid.

  3. Make a circle on a piece of millinery wire. Often, millinery wires are used in hats and fascinators for women. Slowly bend the wire and form a circle and then secure it by using a wire crimp. Most artists prefer using jewelry crimper to attach the crimp. To attach the crimp to the millinery wire, just put it into the crimper and press the ends together.

  4. Curl the sinamay fabric around the millinery wire. The 1/4 extra in the sinamay, once curled around the wire, must be secured with a buttonhole stitch. The bias lines that stretch diagonally across the sinamay must be wrapped around the wire's edges, or you may simply sew them inside the wire.

  5. Make loops out of ribbon. Use a piece of ribbon to make a loop. You can make as many loops as you like, although two loops are enough for a casual fascinator. When making several loops, just hold them in the center with two fingers and try to create attractive patterns like a flower ribbon. A few loops are good for smaller fascinators, while more loops are better for bigger hats. At any rate, you can always adjust the size and numbers of loops until you achieve the desired pattern.

  6. Put the ribbon in place. Locate the center of the ribbon, and attach the loops altogether with a pin. Then, use a glue gun to attach the ribbon to the fascinator. Slowly remove the pin when the glue has completely dried.

  7. Attach the feathers. A feather forms part of the plumage of a bird consisting of numerous fine strands attached to the hollow shaft in the middle. When attaching the feathers to the center of the ribbon, use the glue gun again. Attach as many feathers as you like until you form a bouquet.

  8. Add beads. This is to cover any excess glue that remains visible on the fascinator. Beads are additional embellishments that can enhance the design of the fascinator. When attaching the beads, just use small amount of glue, enough to keep them in place.

The historical wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in April 2011 offered another victory for hatters and fascinators. Most female guests used fascinators. In fact, Princess Beatrice of York wore a fascinator made by the famous Phillip Treacy. Since then, many individuals have become interested in learning how to make hats and fascinators.


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