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How to Make Healthy Dog Food

How to Make Healthy Dog Food

Should you intend to spend a very long time with your pet dog, then you should learn how to make healthy dog food.  It was proven time and again that dogs fed with homemade dog foods are more active and less prone to diseases.  Although you have to exert extra time and effort to be able to achieve this, all the effort is definitely worth it.  Here are some guidelines that you can follow:

  1. Always use fresh ingredients when preparing dog foods. Do not use almost spoiled meat or vegetables as this will cause your dog to have gastrointestinal problems. As a guide, all ingredients should be fit for human consumption. After cooking, store it in the refrigerator to maintain its freshness. If you wish to save on costs, choose ingredients that are available in abundance locally as they are more affordable.

  2. In preparing dog foods, make sure you wash the ingredients thoroughly and keep the cooking area clean and away from contaminants. Your cooking pots and utensils should also be clean.  Unclean food doesn’t last very long.

    y easily get spoiled and will have mold growth in just a few days. This is really harmful to your dog’s health.

  3. You can use organic ingredients if you have the budget for it. These organic products are healthy for both human and dog consumption.  Organic meat comes from animals that are not given any hormonal substances or antibiotics. Organic produce comes from plants that are not commercially fertilized. This should really be very healthy as everything is natural.

  4. Do not give onions, nuts, avocados, chocolates, dairy products and tomatoes to your dogs.  These items are known to make them have allergic reactions and sometimes gas that will cause tummy pains.

  5. You can feed raw meat to your dog.  Just make sure it is still fresh.  The bones can be from the animals that they are hunting or raw bones from the butchery.  The raw ones are better than cooked bones as the latter become brittle and may be dangerous when they get stuck in the dog’s throat.

  6. You can add supplements like multivitamins to your homemade dog food.  Ask for recommendations from your veterinarian.  Adding a small amount of garlic can add flavor to your cooked dog food. Adding eggs too can make it very nutritious for your pet dog. You can also add some spices like parsley and oregano for its nutritional value and to add flavor to your dog food recipe.

  7. Follow the ideal proportion for carbohydrates, meats and vegetables for dog foods, which is 2:1:1, but you can make variations as you wish.  If your pet is already overweight, cut down on the carbohydrates.  Some good alternatives are oatmeal, potato and brown rice.  As dogs are meat eaters, you can increase the portion of meat from time to time.

Having prepared your dog’s food personally can ensure that your pet will be healthy for a long time.  You may ask your other household companions to help you out on this project. Teach them how to make healthy dog food to make sure that your pet is consistently getting the right nourishment.  Experiment on new recipes so your dog will have a variety of healthy meals. This will surely make it more active, playful and resistant to diseases that might inflict it.


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