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How to Make Healthy Dog Food from Scratch

How to Make Healthy Dog Food from Scratch

When your dog is having some health issues, one way to control its diet is to find out how to make healthy dog food from scratch. Dog owners have some basis to their fears that commercial dog foods may contain harmful substances. Take the case of the 2007 massive dog food recall due to Melamine contamination. Never mind the slight inconvenience. The welfare of your dog should come first. Here’s how to make fresh and health dog food from scratch:

  1. Plan to prepare balanced meals for your dog according to its nutritional needs. The components of these recipes are more or less the same as human foods, with some exceptions of course like chocolates and raisins. The quality of the meat and vegetables may not be the same as what you cook for the human members of your household, but make sure that the ingredients for your homemade dog foods are fresh and nutritional.

  2. Start with making an appetizing combination of the two major diets for dogs, which are sources of protein and carbohydrates as the product base.

    Facilitate the appropriate food preparations for the protein ingredients to make sure that the result is healthy enough. Chicken breasts are better off without the skin. Ground beef must be roasted, and pork loins are pan-browned. Salmons and lamb chops are more suited for dogs when broiled.

  3. Include three times the amount of your protein for the carbohydrates in the dog food recipe. Steamed white or brown rice, baked potatoes with skin, boiled oats or barley and cooked tapioca or couscous can supplement this portion of the recipe, which will serve as a source of your dog’s energy.

  4. Add in supplemental nutrients to the protein and carbohydrate mixture, such as a teaspoon of cod liver oil or omega 3. You may ask an animal nutritionist or a veterinarian to suggest what other local ingredients you can add to increase the nutritional value of your own dog food recipe.

  5. Comply with the orders of your veterinarian if your dog is prescribed with a specialized diet due to its medical condition. The veterinarian can certify that your purchase is actually a customized recipe for your dog’s needs.

  6. Stick to your recipe once you’ve achieved a well-balanced diet for your dog. You will know that your dog is eating well based on its playful behavior. It will also have a shinier coat. You can formulate another recipe when you feel that the dog is bored with the current diet.

  7. Feed your dog raw meat, especially meaty bones, only when they are fresh or properly frozen or refrigerated before meal time. Never give spoiled foods to your dog because this is how they get sick due to bacteria-related infections. The most common bacteria that can make them sick through contaminated foods are Salmonella, E. coli and Yersinia. Do not thaw frozen stocks and then return them to the freezer.

You have to be meticulous on how to make healthy dog food from scratch. Choose the best way to prepare the recipe, use only nutritional ingredients and preserve them properly. Consult your vet to get a confirmation that your homemade recipes are healthy and part of a balanced diet for your dog.


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