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how to make homemade cards

how to make homemade cards

Can’t think of more excuses not to be bothered on how to make homemade cards? Try to make one then. You might end up liking it especially now that commercial greeting cards are not as popular as before because of the emergence of electronic cards. Perhaps your creativity can help preserve the card-giving tradition in your family and circle of friends. You will have full control in making your cards.  Check out these guidelines that will truly inspire you:

  1. Set the mood of your homemade cards by selecting unique materials. You may find some attractive paper from your junk mail. Pictures from magazines, calendars, and greeting cards can be recycled. Family photographs that you do not want to keep anyway can be formatted. Ribbon, fabric, cotton balls, brass fasteners, a stock of good-quality paper and poster boards forgotten in your stock room can be made useful.

  2. Get ideas from valid sources. Paper craft books available through the library are an excellent source of ideas as well as commercial or handcrafted cards.

    ustomizing them for your own purposes will make them original.  Prints of Christmas trees and stars, stencils or ink stamps, small paper collages that are attractive or humorous are some of the tricks that you must try. Paper shapes cut out and machine sewed to the card with contrasting color will also be fun.

  3. Incorporate personalized materials on your cards. A photo of the person you're sending the card to, a nice picture of you pasted to the front of the card will customize your card to a very personal level.

  4. Add some creative crafts like using cotton to make a slightly three-dimensional snowman or sheep. Glue on dried flowers or leaves if you are giving this to a nature lover. Flat cedar tips that look like miniature trees, a gold star at the top of each tree, and a few sequins for decorations will certainly make your day and make the heart of the recipient grow fonder.

  5. Seal your homemade cards with homemade envelopes. Just refer to an old envelope as your template. Make the necessary adjustments to get the right fit for your card. Never recycle an old envelope just by erasing the old writing or covering it up with a piece of paper. You won’t make a good impression to whomever you send your homemade cards to. They may not have the motivation to even open the envelope. Worse yet they may go directly into the trash cans.

  6. Proudly seal your name or logo on the back of the envelope my stamping the sealed cover with a rubber stamp. Label the name and address of the recipient together with the return address in their proper places to make sure that it gets delivered and you will be notified if not. It won’t be nice wondering all the time if your loved ones have received your greetings or are just too busy to reply. Losing them in the mail will not justify all your effort.

How to make homemade cards is not only for saving a few dollars. It’s expressing yourself for your loved ones to know how much you care. You can be as elegant, creative, and personalized as you wish. You just have to gather your thoughts before making them to know exactly how you might want them to be. It’s your reputation on the line here so do not take this for granted. Quality taste does not depend only on how much money you spend but also in being resourceful and in paying attention to details.


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