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How to Make Homemade Cat Food

How to Make Homemade Cat Food

There are a variety of ways of how to make homemade cat food.  If you study a cat’s nutritional needs, you will find out that they have a high need for proteins.  They are not into carbohydrates as they lack the enzymes amylase necessary to digest carbohydrates. It is just too ironic that most commercially available dry cat foods have very low protein and more carbohydrates. Do not risk your cat’s health by depending on these commercially available cat foods.  Follow these steps:

  1. Meat is the primary component of a good cat meal as it is rich in protein. You can use a variety of meat like beef, chicken, turkey or lamb. You can also serve it raw, half-baked or boiled. Baking and boiling it can eliminate your worry that raw food contains parasites. But since by nature cats are carnivorous, it won’t hurt to serve them raw meat on some instances.

  2. Put in the necessary additives like animal organs and small portions of vegetables like boiled squash, boiled broccoli or cauliflower. Remember to put in only a small portion, as vegetables do not play a big role in your cat’s diet.

    an also purchase vitamin and mineral supplements from your local pet supply store for added nutrition. Pound it and mix with the meat if it comes in tablet form. If your cat is not obese, adding carbohydrates like boiled rice or potato is fine, but only in small quantities.

  3. Bear in mind not to add salt, sugar, chocolates, raw fish and other salty items to your homemade cat food. It is necessary to let your cat eat healthy, and these are definitely not good for them.

  4. Store your self-made cat foods in the refrigerator, but reheat them when it is mealtime.  You can add warm water or heat them in a pan for a very short time.  Cats will love their meals to be warm. Not hot. Observe the quantity your cat can consume, and you can make adjustments during the next meal to avoid leftovers.

  5. If you serve your cat raw food, make sure to throw away the leftovers after it eats. Raw meat usually attracts bacteria and microorganisms when exposed to the environment. It is best to serve just enough to avoid spoilage. Each amount you throw away will cost you money.

  6. Along with your homemade cat food, serve water as its beverage. Any other liquid is really not necessary. If you want to give it milk, get the non-lactose kind to be sure that it won’t have stomach troubles later.

Making your own cat food is the best care you can give your pet cat. This will ensure it gets the right nutrition. Just a little effort on your part on learning how to make homemade cat food can mean your cat will live a healthy and longer life. A very worthwhile investment for your beloved pet cat!


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