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how to make homemade Christmas ornaments

how to make homemade Christmas ornaments

Buying decorations and ornaments for the Christmas holiday can be a bit expensive. You already have a list of other expenses, such as gifts for family and friends, and the last thing you need is to add to that list. If you look closely at ready-made ornaments found in stores, you will see that they are actually a simple assembling together of various elements. This realization will make you consider learning how to make homemade Christmas ornaments. There are many types of ornaments that you can do, but for this one, let’s make a Christmas wreath. This is one of the easiest ornaments to make because it’s not required to be perfect. You will not be using exact measurements to get an accurate outcome. A wreath will look beautiful even with minor imperfections, which will usually go unnoticed.

  1. Prepare the greens that you are going to use in the Christmas wreath, such Douglas fir, Spruce or hemlock; whichever is available. Using garden clippers, cut the branches making pieces of at least 6 inches in length. Use only the thin branches for a softer look.

    so prepare some garden wires, about 12 inches long. You may need at least 15-20 pieces.

  2. Get a bunch of about 4 pieces of your greens and wire them together. Branches that are a bit sturdier will make a good base, while the softer ones and the ones that look best should be showing at the front.

  3. Work on making sure your wreath frame is covered. You can use either foam or metal. It will depend on what you are more comfortable working on. Position the greens at the base of the wreath starting at the middle. The leaves should be pointing sideways, following the curve of the wreath. Using a wire, secure in place.

  4. Work on the other side directly opposite to the one you just worked on, working first on the right side then the other, back and forth.  They should be symmetrical for a balanced look. If you are using a Styrofoam frame, it could be a little easier, since you just have to stick the wires into it.

  5. When you have completed the wreath, gather up another bunch of greens and cut them a little bit shorter. You may have noticed some spaces that need to be filled. Attach these to cover the spaces up.

  6. Trim some of the ends if necessary, but don’t try to shape it so perfectly; it should retain its fresh and natural look. It will be nicer if you can still see a bit of nature in your decorations.

  7. You can now start decorating the wreath. You can use pine cones, you can jazz it up by putting glitter and ribbons, you can paint these if you want.  You can also use Christmas balls and other ornaments. You can twirl some ribbons, lace and beads to enhance it more. This will also beautify your Christmas wreath.

  8. Place a wire or a lace at the back so that you can hang it to your door.  You can make several of these to place on various doors inside the house as well as your front door.

These basic and easy steps, showing you how to make homemade Christmas ornaments, can be really useful during the holiday season. Make this a bonding time with your kids. It will help to enhance their creativity and will make them proud when you decorate their work.  Experiment with different kinds of ornaments to make on your own. Good luck!


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