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How to Make Homemade Dog Food

How to Make Homemade Dog Food

There are several ways on how to make homemade dog food. This depends on the available ingredients you have, the method of preparation and the nutritional requirements of your pet dog. Homemade dog food is always better than commercially available ones. For sure, commercial dog food makers want to save on costs, and it is believed that some manufacturers use meats that are not fit for consumption.  When you make your own dog food, you are sure of its nutritional value and freshness.  You can also make it in several varieties. These are some suggestions:

  1. The suggested formula for an ideal dog food is 40 percent meat, 30 percent vegetables and 30 percent starch.  You can start with whatever is available inside your refrigerator.  You can mix turkey, carrots and potatoes or ground beef, brown rice and cauliflower. Experiment on other combinations that you think your dog will like. Take note on its favorites so you can make that recipe more often.

  2. It is best to consult your veterinarian before you switch from commercial dog food to homemade.

    will give you suggestions based on your dog’s present health condition and its nutritional requirements. You can also ask him what ingredients you should avoid mixing in your dog food as some food items can cause allergic reactions in animals. If necessary, ask what supplements you can incorporate with your recipe to make your homemade dog food healthier for your pet.

  3. Homemade dog food should be refrigerated. Cook only for your dog’s consumption within three days. This is to make sure that what you are giving it is not stale or rancid. Before giving it to your dog, make sure it is not spoiled and it is free of molds. Molds can cause some diseases in dogs.

  4. It is also good to include garlic and eggs in your dog food recipe.  Your dog can get some benefits from these, and they also improve the flavor of your homemade dog food. Garlic, when sautéed, can make the dog food smell good and appetizing, aside from the fact that it has medicinal properties. Eggs can hold the mixture together and are rich in protein and some vitamins and minerals.

  5. Feed your dog a variety of homemade dog foods.  This will improve its appetite and make it healthier.  Be mindful when it loses its appetite as it could be a symptom that something is wrong with it internally. It could also be that the dog does not like the mixture you are making, so try to experiment on a recipe that your dog will like.

  6. To save on costs, make dog food out of what is in season, especially for the vegetable portion. Anything in abundance is always priced cheaper.  Use whatever starch is readily available.  You can use rice, potatoes, oatmeal or any carbohydrate-rich foods.

Learning how to make homemade dog food is beneficial to you and your pet dog.  It is assured of good quality, fresh and nutritious food while you save on expenses. Being assured that your pet is eating healthy can also save you trouble, since it is not prone to getting sick. Some of the diseases common in dogs are often caused by unhealthy dog foods. Avoiding this problem only requires a little time and effort on your part.


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