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how to make homemade fertilizer

how to make homemade fertilizer

Nutritious food and a clean environment are essential for healthy living. Due to over reliance on chemicals, our health and environment are deteriorating. Our daily needs and activities are now being dictated by fast growing industries. Manufacturers are too aggressive in promoting instant products that are normally the culprits for diseases.  How to make homemade fertilizer is a health-conscious activity that can benefit you in a big way. Read through to know more ideas:

  1. Homemade organic fertilizer can come from your very own compost. Wastes from your kitchen, garden and backyard are the components of your compost pile. Segregate the compostable materials from your trash. A mixture of your green and brown compostable materials with a minimal amount of water will result in good compost.  Wait for two months to two years until your compost pile turns into an organic fertilizer for your garden. Furthermore, composting is one way of helping our environment reduce waste disposal.

  2. Homemade fertilizers provide nutrients to the soil.

    ou will need them to produce quality vegetables and fruits. Turning wastes into organic fertilizer is definitely an environmental friendly move.  Liquid fertilizers are commonly used by gardeners because they are highly effective in giving nourishment to plants. Animal manure is also another inexpensive and beneficial organic fertilizer for your soil.

  3. Start creating your own style of fertilizer. Use materials from vegetable scraps or just plain weeds and Epsom salt to produce a simple blend. Load a sufficient amount of your chosen ingredients into a food processor with a minimal amount of water. You can use the water from your boiling pasta or vegetables - they also add nutrients to your mixture. Add at least ½ teaspoon of Epson salt - enough to enhance your recipe. Pour the mixture in a bucket and leave it overnight. Take a ¼ cup of your solution and add it into 1 gallon of water - then stir thoroughly. Get an adequate amount from this solution and apply to your garden – just enough to penetrate the root surface of the plants.

  4. The sources of nutrients that your plants need can be found right in your kitchen. You can keep your garden green and healthy without spending much. Try the coffee ground fertilizer. It is rich in nitrogen, magnesium and potassium, which are important nutrients for plants. Place the used coffee grounds on a newspaper to dry. Just sprinkle the dried coffee grounds on the bottom of your plants. Blueberries, azaleas, roses and rhododendrons can benefit highly from this procedure. In addition, its natural acid helps the soil sustain its acidity.

  5. Epsom salt solution is a good addition to your organic fertilizer. It provides magnesium sulfate, which is very enriching for plants. This solution is good for vegetables like potatoes, peppers and tomatoes or flowers like roses and other houseplants.  Combine 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt to 1 gallon of water. Stir thoroughly before watering your vegetable garden with it at least once a month.

  6. Egg shell fertilizer will make a big difference for your plants. It is the source of calcium carbonate. Simply collect and segregate your eggshells from your kitchen waste. Let it dry for several days and then crush the shell into small pieces before sprinkling it into your garden.

Creating a healthy vegetable and fruit garden is not hard if we only try to explore and experience the different options of organic gardening. It’s a very good way of producing quality food sources at minimal costs. How to make homemade fertilizer is beneficial to mankind because it helps in controlling and reducing our dependence on chemical-based food products.


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