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How to Make Homemade Rice Crispies

How to Make Homemade Rice Crispies

Homemade rice crispy is a traditional recipe. It is an inexpensive treat that most moms and grandmas prepare for kids.  This article will show you how to make homemade rice crispies. This will make an excellent addition to your collection of sweet snacks recipes. Here’s how:

  1. Purchase your ingredients. Get 1 pack of plain white marshmallows. If you want to use mini-mallows, you will need at least 4 cups. Buy margarine or butter. You will use 3 spoonfuls. Pick 1 big pack of your favorite rice crispies - many prefer the Kellogg’s Rice Krispies but any brand will do. Measure 6 cups of rice crispies and set aside. You can also use all-purpose cream or non-fat milk instead of marshmallows.

  2. Turn on the stove and select a large non-stick sauce pan. Set the heat to low. This is important – low heat ensures the success of your rice crispies. Melt the butter or margarine in the heated pan. Stir for few seconds until it is totally melted. Combine the marshmallows and stir until they are completely dissolved.

  3. Gradually mix in the Kellogg’s Rice krispies. Make sure the rice crispies are evenly coated.  Turn off the stove and remove the pan from the heat.

  4. Transfer the rice crispies into a greased baking pan. Get a waxed paper and place it over the top of the mixture. Press down the mixture evenly on top and on both sides. Once the mixture looks flat and balanced, let it set for about 20 minutes on a wire rack. Allow it to cool down before slicing to ensure it is crispy and crunchy.

  5. Take a pizza cutter or a good knife and start slicing it when it has cooled.  You may cut it into one inch squares or two inches squares. You can create about 25 pieces of rice crispies from a 13 by 9 inches baking tray.

  6. Create a little twist for your rice crispy before serving it. Kids will be surprised if you add toppings to your delicious treat. Cut the rice crispies in different shapes - you can use s cookie cutter to do the cutting.  Entice them with M &M chocolates for toppings. There is no doubt that they will be amazed upon seeing your homemade rice crispies.

  7. Serve your freshly baked recipe on the day to enjoy the best taste. However, you can keep leftovers in a clean and sealed plastic container for up to 3 days.

  8. Explore other options for presenting the rice crispies. While the cereal mixture is still hot or slightly cooled, get a wax paper and take small amount of the mix. Roll it into small balls. Do this for your entire batch of rice crispies.  Bring out some chocolate chips and give them a quick crush. Roll the balls at once into the crushed chips. Place the finish Chocó-coated rice crispies on a tray and then serve. Take note that you need to do this quicker than the normal recipe. If the mixture is completely cooled, it will not be possible to create rounded rice crispies.

How to make homemade rice crispies is thrilling. Make your weekends and holidays more fun by creating a delightful snack for your kids. This simple and easy recipe will definitely not break your weekly budget.


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