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How To Make Jewelry With Beads

How To Make Jewelry With Beads

With a little designing, some planning, and following these steps on how to make jewelry with beads, you will stop saying “I don’t know how” and start proclaiming “I know exactly how!” Making your own beaded jewelry is a fun and easy way to unleash the artist in each one of us. There are many kinds of beaded jewelry. For beginners, the easiest would be to start with the most basic to make: necklaces. They are relatively a lot simpler to make while giving you a lot of options. Designing one is also a lot more fun since you get to experiment with various sizes and shapes of beads and still get beautiful results.

  1. Decide on the necklace style you want to make. This has got to be one of the most exciting parts of making beaded necklaces. For one, you have plenty of styles to choose from. Check the Internet, magazines, and TV shows to keep up with new trends and styles. For a head start, here are some of the styles that are always in fashion to give you that classic look: Bib-type necklace, collar necklace, torsade necklace, Y necklace, and chokers.

  2. Gather all the supplies and tools needed. The most important part of making beaded necklaces is deciding on what type of beads to use. You have to consider the necklace style that you picked out and your personal taste when choosing. There will be a lot of options and variety, so make sure that you have an idea in mind already. Aside from the beads, you will need these basic tools: beading board, jewelry clasps, jewelry pliers, and string or wire material.

  3. Make a layout of the design you want. Now this is the fun part! With the use of the beading board, arrange your beads to form the design that you want. Take your time and try as many alternatives as you can. When planning to have a pendant or any focal bead, it is better if you place it in the middle first and work your way to the side. Also, if you are using spacer beads in between your secondary beads, try to put the same number of beads on each side to balance it.

  4. Create your necklace. First, figure out the desired length for your necklace. You can drape string around your neck and then measure it. Then, measure the same length on the string or wire for the necklace and add about 1 to 1 ½ inches before cutting it. Attaching a clasp will fill the additional space. In any case, it is always better to have a longer string or wire because you can just trim it.

    Now, with the chosen technique and material, you can make your beaded necklace. If you choose to go with string, carefully string the beads. When it comes to wired jewelry, you have to make wire loops and wrapped loops. Always check if your beads are centered and in place. At this point, don’t hesitate to make necessary adjustments.

  5. Put the clasp on and fit the necklace. When attaching the clasp, you can use a simple split ring and lobster claw, a multi-strand clasp, or a toggle clasp. Gently place the necklace around your neck and check if you like the length and the arrangement of the beads. Make adjustments to the style or length until you are satisfied.

  6. Lock and secure the jewelry clasp. If you are satisfied with your beaded necklace, it’s time to add the final touch. To secure the clasp, you just have to press the crimp tube bead. Another way is to just fold the crimp end. There are also other jewelry clasps that have special instructions to secure it. Just make sure that you are knowledgeable with the procedure before attempting to secure it.

Just following the six steps above on how to make jewelry with beads can get you started on your beaded jewelry making journey. And don’t stop at one. Because every woman needs a good piece of jewelry to match with every outfit!


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