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How to Make Lanyard Bracelets

How to Make Lanyard Bracelets

Have you gone to a summer camp? If yes, then perhaps you are already familiar with lanyard bracelets. They are also known as scoubidou, boondoggle, or gimp bracelets. You can use many stitches to make lanyard bracelets. However, we will start with a basic one – the box stitch. Here’s how to make lanyard bracelets using box stitches.

  1. Prepare two strands of lanyards to stitch. We will call them Strand A and Strand B.

  2. Cross them over at their centers and place them on a flat surface.

  3. Use Strand A to form a loop over Strand B by curling one side of Strand A. Then curl the other side of Strand A over Strand B, this time in the opposite direction, to form another loop. Use your left hand or non-dominant hand to hold the two loops in place.

  4. Hold one side of Strand B using your right or dominant hand. Weave this side over the closest loop and under the farthest loop. Repeat this procedure with the other side of Strand B – over the closest loop and under the farthest loop.


  5. Take two adjacent strands in each of your hands and pull them to tighten the stitch.

  6. Repeat steps 3 and 5 to continue adding box stitches to your lanyard bracelet. Continue doing this until the bracelet is a little longer than your wrist’s circumference. This will ensure that the lanyard bracelet fits you.

  7. Once you have reached the end of the bracelet, repeat steps 3 and 4. This will make the stitches loose. Pull each strand one at a time around the loop on the left, and up through the center of the loose stitch. Once you have made all the strands come out from the middle, pull all of them to tighten the last stitch. Make sure that, each time you pull the strands, you do so tightly so that they appear even. One good tip is to attach a safety pin to the beginning of your lanyard bracelet while you are doing the stitches so that you do not accidentally unstitch them all.

  8. If you have excess lanyard strands, you can just trim them.

For more complicated lanyard bracelet stitches, you can try the barrel or circle stitch. This will produce a cylindrical lanyard bracelet. Read on for details:
  1. Prepare two lanyard strands. To start with, wrap the center of Strand A twice around your index finger. Place Strand B under both loops, pulling it until it becomes centered. You should now have left and right strands and left and right loops. Be careful not to cross the strands: Keep the right strand close to your body and the left strand next to the outside part of your finger. Carefully slide the lanyard off your index finger and pull all four strands. This is your starting stitch.

  2. You now have a left, right, top, and bottom strand. Cross the left strand over up and between the top and right strands. Cross the right strand over down and between the left and bottom strands. You now have two loops.

  3. Put the bottom strand over the first loop and under the second loop. Put the top strand over the first loop and under the second loop as well. The effect will be the opposite. Pull all the strands to tighten. Continue doing steps 3 and 4 until you are satisfied with your lanyard’s length.

  4. Finish off the lanyard by doing steps 3 and 4, but do not tighten the stitch. Just loop any given strand and under and sideways through a loop of the same color, and out through the top and middle. Repeat this step for the other three strands and tighten them all afterwards.

  5. Cut off any excess strands.

The above two techniques will show you how to make lanyard bracelets. You can also try using more complicated stitches once you get the hang of them.


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