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how to make layered hair bows

how to make layered hair bows

Layered hair bows are classy. Aside from being meticulously flamboyant and attractive, they are also naturally posh, and it’s just right that little girls should be posh too. The layered hair bows can definitely influence the personality of the children wearing them. How to make layered bows can be learned easily especially when you have those lovely, little ones as your inspiration. Gather the materials and let your excitement drive you into making them. When making the layered bows yourself, you have the freehand on the color combinations and the design in general. The good thing also is you can use the same fabric for your bow material as that of your child’s dress if you really want a matching package. This will be something that the child can look forward to as she dresses up for that special occasion. Consider these steps when making a layered hair bow:

  1. Search for ribbons that vary not only in colors but also in width. If you want to match the bow with your child’s outfit, the material does not have to be exactly the same.

    ay around with the color combinations to make it coordinate with the clothes. There are many ways how to go about it given that you can make more than one layer.

  2. Cut six-inch-long strips from both the wide and thinner ribbons to comprise the first set. The second set will be comprised of wide and thin five-inch strips, and the third set by two-inch strips.

  3. Put the six-inch thinner ribbon on top of the wider ribbon. Apply glue to the thinner ribbon in the middle to affix it firmly to the wider ribbon. Do the same process for the five-inch ribbon.

  4. Form loops using both layers then pull both ends of the ribbon towards the center. Make sure to glue the loops in place to retain the lush arrangement.

  5. Place the six-inch ribbon loop on top of the five-inch ribbon loop. Attach the loops together with fabric glue. Place the fabric glue in the center of each loop only.

  6. Attach the two-inch thinner fabric arranged centrally into the two-inch-wide fabric. Bind the strip around the middle of the hair bow. Glue properly into place.

  7. Allow enough time to let all the glue applied to dry completely. Lastly, affix the newly-made layered bow into a metal hair clip. Apply as much glue as needed to secure it firmly in place.

When making your own bow, you’ll have the freedom to be as creative as you can be. Start with your choices of materials. Ruffled, neon, and brightly-colored ribbons do not need a lot of details in the design. They will look beautiful even if the outlines of the bow are simple. You can make a funky bow if you believe that it will complement the personality of the child or a pinkish bow to retain her sweetness. How to make layered hair bows is in your hands. You can decide to go spiky or coordinate a revolution of colors to spice up the bows a little. Whatever you end up doing, you’ll surely enjoy the experience. Your child will also feel pampered when you make her bows solely by yourself. This is a great expression of love that cannot be bought by money. Nurture the knowledge and share your talents with others when you have the opportunity to do so.


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