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How to Make Lemon Essential Oil

How to Make Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon oil has numerous benefits and can be a very versatile liquid to have around the house. Its fresh, zesty fragrance makes it a favorite scent for toiletries, hair spritzes, and household cleaners. It also has stress-reducing properties and can repel bugs and annoying insects. It is also a natural antiseptic that you can add to water to disinfect tiles and tabletops. Whether to add zest to your toiletries, create an aromatic blend, or use in your household cleaners, lemon essential oil can make your home a better place. What’s more, our guide below on how to make lemon essential oil teaches you to make your own and save money.

    1. Background on making essential oils. There are several ways to make essential oils, with distillation being the method yielding the purest oils. While it is the most preferred method, doing it at home makes things more complicated since you need a lot of materials. Another way is expression, though again the equipment involved is not usually found at home. Thus, the method below is a simple one that extracts lemon oil from the lemon peel.

      Take note though that this does not produce lemon oil with the same quality as those commercially made. Because of this, it is not advisable to ingest the oil you produce with the method described below.

    2. Prepare the necessary items. You need five to six lemons, 1 cup carrier oil (preferably coconut, grapeseed or sweet almond oil), a knife or peeler, a strainer (a piece of cloth works well too), a double boiler or large saucepan, a bowl, and a glass jar or bottle for storing.

    3. Prepare the lemons. Since you will be using the peel, it’s advisable to use organic lemons so that the peels are free of pesticide or other contaminants. If unavailable, scrub the lemon skins well to remove any traces of pesticides first. After washing, peel using a knife or peeler. Try to concentrate on getting the yellow peel without the inner white portion because the oils are in the outer part. You can also cut up the lemon peels into smaller pieces.

    4. Boil some water in a double boiler. If you’re using a saucepan, fill it up, but make sure to leave some space for the bowl later on. Bring the water to a faint boil, then lower to the lowest heat setting. This helps maintain the hot temperature of the water.

Extract the oil. Place the lemon peel into the bowl or the top of the double boiler. Add in the carrier oil, making sure that it covers the lemon peel. Heat for two to three hours, and make sure that the carrier oil does not boil. The water should warm the carrier oil and keep it at just the right temperature to extract the oil out of the lemon peels. Check on the oils every now and then.

  1. Squeeze out the oil. Once you’re done extracting the lemon oil from the lemon peel into the carrier oil, turn off the heat and allow the oil to cool to a manageable temperature. You can then strain out the oil into a glass bottle using a strainer or a piece of cloth. Squeeze the cloth well to get all of the lemon oil extract.

You can now store your lemon essential oil in a cool place. It can last for about six months. Now that you know how to make lemon essential oil, you can enjoy its benefits anytime you need.


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