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how to make liquid soap

how to make liquid soap

Learn how to make liquid soap from scratch to personalize your soaps and avoid the harsh chemicals that are often included in commercial options. Basic ingredients you can use are coconut oil, canola oil, potassium hydroxide, and water. It is safe to prepare at home, but be sure to wear gloves. Also, do not use metal containers (except for stainless steel), as most metals are prone to corrosion.

  1. Prepare a double boiler. Once the water boils in the bottom pot, pour in water for the liquid soap into the smaller pot that you place on top.

  2. Add the potassium hydroxide when the water reaches 140 degrees. Don’t be alarmed by any sounds the mixture produces, but keep yourself covered with long sleeves and gloves.

  3. Mix the coconut and canola oils in a separate container or pot and heat at 160 degrees. Never leave the oils unattended at any given time. The combined oils will reach the desired temperature very quickly. The rich texture of the liquid soap depends on the heating process.

    Increase the amount of the ingredients following the same ratio when you intend to make more liquid soap.

  4. Mix the potassium-water mixture with the oils and keep on mixing until it thickens into a creamy concoction. Try to maintain the heat at 160 degrees while mixing because anything cooler will take you much longer. If it reaches the boiling point, your liquid soap will break down or will become solid. Continuously mix to achieve the right consistency.

  5. Once the desired thickness is achieved, you can choose to add in some essential oils like antibacterial tea tree oil or therapeutic ones like lavender oil. Mix it in. Then, transfer the hot liquid soap into a plastic container. Let it cool down.

  6. If you choose to just liquefy bar soap instead of making your own liquid soap, the process is as follows: Grate the bar soap. Put it in a blender and pour in boiling water. Blend it into a paste. Honey and glycerin can make the mixture better. It will be ready to be poured into a plastic pump container once it cools down.

Once you’ve mastered how to make liquid soap, experiment with other ingredients. Note, however, that the quality of the final product depends on the ratio of the various ingredients to one another. Close examination of the compatibility of the chosen additives with the basic mixture is essential to achieving a smooth finish.


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