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How to Make Loom Bracelets with Two Forks

How to Make Loom Bracelets with Two Forks

Loom bracelets are one of the easiest crafts to make nowadays. Kids and adults alike enjoy making them in different designs, colors, and combinations. All you need is the right equipment and the desired colored bands. Usually, to make a loom band bracelet, you need a rainbow loom, but this easy step-by-step guide shows you how to make loom bracelets with two forks instead.

  1. You’ll need two forks, a plastic hook (or just your fingers), a plastic S-clip to put the two ends together, and of course loom bands in your preferred colors.

  2. Decide on a pattern. You can make loom bracelets in many different designs, such as fishtail, dragon scale, railroad, link chain, and many others. The steps below detail how to make a bracelet in a triple single design using purple, blue, and white loom bands. You can substitute these colors with other colors you prefer.

  3. Take the two forks (fork A and fork B), and place them back to back. Tape them together where the two forks meet so that they stay together while you make the bracelet.


  4. Hook one white loom band on the outer tip of fork A, twist it into a figure eight, and hook the other end to the tip directly opposite it on fork B. Repeat on two other tips next to it.

  5. Put one white loom band over the three tips on fork A.

  6. Put a band in another color, blue for example, over the first figure eight across fork A and B. Do not twist it. Do this with the other two tips.

  7. Put another white band on top of the same fork (A) where you put the white band in step 5.

  8. Turn the fork loom so that fork A faces you. Pull the white band in step 5 over the three tips. It should now be resting between the two forks.

  9. Pull the second white band down (the band from step 7), and hold it there. Next, pull each of the three white bands from step 4 over each tip. Let of the white band.

  10. Turn the fork loom so fork B faces you, and pull each of the three white bands from step 4 over each tip.

  11. Get a new color, purple for example, and put one across all three tips of fork A like in step 6. Take another white band, and put over the three tips like in step 5. You will be adding white bands to fork A every time.

  12. Again, turn it so fork A faces you, pull the white band down, and hold it there like in step 9.

  13. Next, pull each of the three blue bands over each tip. Release the white band. Now, do the same on fork B with the blue bands.

  14. Place another three blue bands over each pair of tips as in step 11. Put another white band over all three tips on fork A.

  15. Repeat step 12.

  16. Repeat step 13, but this time, pull the purple band over the fork tips. Again, do the same on fork B. You should note that you always pull the bottom band over the top one.

  17. Keep repeating the steps while alternating between blue and purple bands.

  18. To check the length, pull the bracelet out of the middle of the two forks to take a look at your progress. Keep adding more layers until you reach the length that you want.

  19. When you get to the ideal length for a bracelet, you can finish by stopping before you put another white band on fork A.

  20. Take the ends of the bracelet—you should have six rings at each end—and thread another band through all six loops. Attach one end of the S-clip onto both ends of the single band.

  21. Do the same on the other end of the bracelet, and attach it the same S-clip.

You now have a pretty DIY loom bracelet. Even without a loom, you can make other designs and color combinations as long as you know how to make loom bracelets with two forks. It’s easy, fun, and because you don’t have to buy a loom, it saves money too.


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