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How to Make Magazine Purses

How to Make Magazine Purses

Learnhow to make magazine purses to turn old magazines that just take up precious space into something practical without spending a cent. Instead of throwing away or recycling them, repurpose them and enjoy the fruits of your labor and creativity. Get started with these easy steps and guidelines.

  1. Find a bunch of old magazines gathering dust around your home. Glossy, colorful pages make a lively-looking pouch, while pages with predominantly neutral tones result in an understated, basic clutch.

  2. Look through the magazines for colors, images, and text that catch your eye. Remove the desired pages carefully. For the best results, use a cutter blade for clean and quick removal. Cut out about 35 to 40 pages.

  3. Turn the pages into strips like so: Fold each page in half lengthwise to create a middle crease. Open it up and fold the top and bottom edge to the middle. Then, fold both sides at the middle crease to create a much thinner strip, with edges tucked inside so the final product looks better and is less likely to tear.

  4. Create a woven paper fabric. Lay out about 10 strips vertically on a flat, clean work table. Tape them on together horizontally on one end to secure them. You can use more or less, depending on how deep you want your magazine purse to be. Then, horizontally weave the extra strips, alternatively going above and under each vertical strip. Keep a close eye on your handiwork for evenness, adjusting the weave when necessary.

  5. Once you've reached the top edge, cover the entire fabric with clear adhesive plastic wrap or clear tape. This secures the weave and helps make the bag waterproof and sturdier. Be careful to avoid creating bubbles or folded spots so the surface looks smooth, as if you've lacquered or varnished the woven magazines.

  6. Then, fold the paper fabric up to at least an inch, which will serve as your purse's flap. The depth of the purse or the size of its flap is ultimately up to you.

  7. Tape the sides of the folded fabric, making sure that the edges are folded inwards as you do so for a neat finish. An easier way to do this is by folding the sides, securing the edges with clear tape before you fold the whole sheet in half and close the sides with clear tape.

  8. Add a snap or adhesive Velcro on the inside of the flap for closure.

These steps on how to make magazine purses give you a starting point for more complicated techniques so you can create more and more intricate designs. Have fun while putting old magazines to good use.


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