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How to Make Menís Crocheted Bracelets

How to Make Menís Crocheted Bracelets

For people who want to familiarize themselves with the art of crocheting, the best project to get started with is a bracelet. Bracelets are small and easy to make, so you√ā¬íll find that you√ā¬íll finish your first crocheting project in no time. Unlike other bracelets, crocheted bracelets do not need a lot of different materials like beads and nylon. You only need to have your crocheting materials handy. You can also give them away as personalized gifts too. If you are thinking of presenting a personalized and handmade gift to the man of your life, here√ā¬ís a pattern on how to make men√ā¬ís crocheted bracelets:

  1. Gather the following materials:

    A: Any color of size 10 thread

    B: Size 8 crochet hook

    C: Pair of scissors

  2. First, start with a slipknot. To make a slipknot, grasp the yarn using your thumb and index finger of your non-dominant hand, and then circle the yarn over your index finger. The middle finger should support the yarn.

    d the hook between your dominant hand's thumb, index finger, and middle finger, making sure that the hook faces upward. Next, insert the hook between the yarn and index finger and twist it to create a loose loop around the hook. Use the other fingers of your non-dominant hand to get the other end of the yarn out from the ball. Using a crochet hook, hook the yarn still attached to the ball and draw it inside the loop to make a loose slipknot. Tug on both sides to tighten the loop.

  3. Make a starting chain of 26 loops. Do this by putting the hook inside the slipknot, then slide the crochet hook between the yarn and index finger. Rotate the crochet hook a little counterclockwise and draw it through the slipknot. Continue doing this until you make 26 chain stitches.

  4. Remember that 11 single crochet rows make one inch, so it is up to you to choose the thickness. Make a single crochet in one loop coming from the second chain that you made. This will create the first row of your bracelet. Create another single crochet in one loop of each chain across to make 25 single crochets. To do a single crochet, insert the hook into the second chain, draw up a loop to make two loops, wrap the yarn around the crochet hook, and hook it. Draw the yarn into both loops to complete a single crochet.

  5. For the rest of the rows, start with the first chain and make single crochets in back loop only of each single crochet across. Check the size of the bracelet now and then to make sure it fits. Add more rows as needed in order to increase the width of your bracelet.

  6. To make the joining row, fold the bracelet with the right sides together and hold the two end rows together. Start with chain one, then crochet through both the rows at the same time. Make a slip stitch in the back loop only in the latest row and also in both loops of the other end of the row. Continue slip stitching across the row, weave in ends, and turn the right side out.

Learning how to crochet can be challenging at first, so start with something as easy as how to make men’s crocheted bracelets. You can also find a lot of different patterns on the Internet for more complicated styles of crocheted bracelets, such as those containing beads and wires. They are a lot harder to do, but they will also help you master the art of crocheting.


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