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How to Make Men's Crocheted Bracelets

How to Make Men's Crocheted Bracelets

A unique and heartfelt gift, crochet bracelets are a favorite of many people. Learn how to make men's crocheted bracelets below and explore the many creative possibilities. For men, fashion dictates less frilly designs, low-key color choices, and Spartan patterns. However, these are not hard fast rules, and it all really comes down to you or the recipient’s preferences.

  1. Flimsy won't do. Men's bracelets are typically wider and simpler in appearance. Thus, it's wise to adopt simple crocheting patterns and neutral colors or darker hues. You can also opt to create multiple thin crocheted bracelets for a multilayered style, but take care not to go overboard with the color choices.

  2. A simple option suitable for a men’s bracelet is the Tunisian simple stitch, also known as the Afghan stitch. Aside from being a straightforward pattern, the resulting handiwork is even and strong. This kind of stitch works well with stiffer cords as well.

  3. You’ll need: a number 7 or 8 crochet hook or a Tunisian crochet hook, crochet thread of any size (preferably thicker) or paracord, and a pair of scissors.

    e bigger the hook and the thread, the larger the stitches are.

  4. The Tunisian stitch does not have turning involved, and the right side of your output will always face you. Therefore, ensure the length of the crocheted material matches the actual dimensions required. Also, keep your work a bit loose so you prevent it from curling and losing its shape.

  5. First, create a slip knot by making a loop and threading a strand through it. Then, insert the crochet hook through the loop and tightly pull on both ends of the thread or cord.

  6. Next is creating the chain, which is the base of the Tunisian stitch. It should be long enough to fit around the wearer’s wrist. To make the chain, start with the slip knot and wind the thread around or wrap it over the hook. Then, with the thread securely caught in the hook, pull it through the loop. Repeat the process until you achieve the desired length.

  7. When the chain is long enough, begin the second layer of the bracelet, which can be called the forward pass. With your hook still inside the loop at the end of the chain, simply insert the hook in the second chain from the hook, which is actually just next to the loop your hook is in.

  8. Then, once through the chain, thread the loose strand over your hook and pull it through the chain carefully. You will now have two loops wrapped around your crochet hook. Then, insert the hook into the next chain and pull the thread up to make a third loop. Keep repeating this until you reach the chain's end, which is actually the original starting point where you made the slip knot. You'll have multiple loops neatly hugging the length of your hook by this point.

  9. Now, make the return pass by hooking the loose thread over your crochet needle and pulling it through all the loops. To avoid snagging or messing up your handiwork, allow the thread to pass through two loops at a time until you reach the end. You should only have one loop left by then. This completed row is considered the foundation row.

  10. Create another row using the same process described in steps 7 and 8; this time, you need to insert the hook through the vertical stitches of the foundation row. Insert the needle through the vertical bar of the first stitch and hook the loose thread. Then, pull it through to make a second loop on your needle. Repeat the loop creation until you reach the end of the row. Then, hook through the loose thread and let it pass through the whole length of the row two loops at a time, as in step 9.

  11. Keep making rows until you achieve the desired width. When you're done with the last row, insert the hook through the vertical bar of the stitch next to the loop wrapped around your needle, creating two loops on your hook. Then, thread over the loose yarn and let it pass through both loops. Fasten this loose end to seal.

Once you know how to make men's crocheted bracelets, you should think about closures. You could attach metal shackles or a plastic clasps for easy opening and closing.


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