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how to make Mexican paper flowers

how to make Mexican paper flowers

Paper flowers made from crepe or tissue papers are called Mexican paper flowers. They are affordable and easy to do that even children can participate in making the decorations. They are used mostly during parties representing particular themes. How to make Mexican paper flowers is a worthwhile activity that can generate useful decorative accessories. Just follow the comprehensive directions below for your guidelines:

  1. Prepare your scissors and stack of crepe paper or 6 pieces of tissue paper. The materials for the flowers must be bright. Find green materials for the stems also. Green pipe cleaners are normally used for this purpose.

  2. Check if the stack has a width of 12 inches. This is not compulsory. You can make it 12 inches or more. Arrange the papers into a layer of four sheets thick. Cut out a rectangle measuring 6 inches or 15 cm by 12 inches or 30 cm.

  3. Starting from the top, make a 1-inch fold for the entire layer. It must show an accordion-like fashion forming a fan.

    From the shortest end, fold the 4 layers. The paper folds must be 1 inch or 2.5 cm wide which is the same as folding a paper fan. Do one fold first then alternate the folds in the opposite directions. The result should be about 1 inch or 1.5 cm by 6 inches or 15 cm folds. Wrap a wire around the center of the fan to secure the arrangement.

  4. Be creative in trimming the ends with scissors. Try an arch shape for rounded flowers or ruffling them up using scissors with ruffled edges. You can also cut pointed corners to round them. A V-shaped notch on both sides of the folded paper is another brilliant technique but must be done very close to the middle. Watch out carefully not to extend the cut through the center that can reduce the flower’s size in half.

  5. The half fold of the fan of the tissue paper must be separated carefully per layer. The motion must be from the outside and going toward the inside.

  6. Create a stem from green pipe cleaner and green sandpaper. Make as many stems as needed. You can make them all in green or add some varieties like brown and purple.  The most you’ll use is just around 3 sheets of the green sandpaper. Corners of the green sandpaper must not be trimmed. Instead, do triangular notches at the ends of the sheet for the leaves to make them look realistic.

  7. Pile the colored paper on top of the green paper and align the edges perfectly. Turn one end of the green sandpaper tightly around the center of the pipe cleaner where the cutting of the notches was done.

  8. Pull up from the base to separate layers of the colored papers. Do it slowly so as not to damage the papers. Leave the green leaves intact. Spread them out like real leaves.

  9. Massage the flower gently to enhance its fluffiness. You can arrange them in a flower vase with the improvised leaves. They can be centerpieces also, or pin them on the chest as a corsage.

You can see these ornaments during Cinco de Mayo and also during El Día de los Muertos. This shows that they are truly of Mexican origin. But mind you, they first existed in East Asia. That’s why the paper used in making these paper flowers is called “papel de China” or “papers of China.” How to make Mexican paper flowers is definitely very festive.


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