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How to Make Money Raising Chickens

How to Make Money Raising Chickens

You can make money raising chickens if this is where your passion lies. Since this is going to be a business, you need to know about the demands in your area. Learning how to make money raising chickens will require unique selling points for your produce. You may be selling it for a very competitive rate or using chemical-free chickens. Here’s how to start:

  1. Follow the commercial poultry farm laws in your area. There are places where the number of breeders is limited in comparison to other places. This is on top of the hygienic standards and structural implementations. The laws are there to protect the community.

  2. Update your know-how on raising chickens. You might be an expert in the farming process, but you have to be knowledgeable of new technologies to prevent massive problems that can affect your herds. There may already be new vaccines that can control damaging plagues and diseases. There are also feeds that contain vitamins and minerals that can give the chickens immunity from common illnesses.


  3. Conduct a market study to access the trends of your market. Chicken products are needed on a daily basis, but you may want to find out how many active farms are already supplying your target market. What will make you different from them? How will you distribute your products? You can negotiations with wholesalers and see if you have a bulk buyer for your produce. If not, check out retailers of meats, eggs and pet shops for the chicks.

  4. Create your own specialization. Do you want to be known as an egg, meat or livestock producer? You will be able to develop your business faster if you focus on a main objective. For one thing, egg-layers are of a different breed than the broilers. Decide what’s best for your resources and what’s in demand in your market.

  5. Set-up your coop according to the purpose of your farm. Build cages conducive to egg-laying chickens if you go for the eggs. The flooring of the cages can be structured so that the eggs can just roll down safely to the bottom for an easy harvest. Otherwise, you just need more spacious cages, anticipating the quick growth of the broilers necessary to gain quality meats.

  6. Survey for bulk supplies of feeds appropriate for the chosen breed. This will allow you to gain some discounts. There’s a substantial price difference if you buy them at a wholesale rate rather than retail. You may need a substantial amount in the beginning, but rest assured that you will always have the supply necessary for your flocks.

  7. Don’t go too far should you decide to sell them on retail yourself. You can even sell right from your own backyard or use that as an added attraction -- people can actually visit a chicken farm and purchase chicken products at very reasonable rates. This will save you a lot of money on transportation costs. However, if you decide to appoint an exclusive wholesaler, do not compete with them because you will be killing your own business.

There are many ways on how to make money raising chickens, but never lose the focus. Once your name is established for your main product, you can always diversify using the marketing channel you initially used.


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