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how to make mosaic stepping stones

how to make mosaic stepping stones how to make mosaic stepping stones how to make mosaic stepping stones

Stepping stones are a great way to add a creative touch to your garden, front lawn or backyard. Usually, a contractor is hired to make these lawn accents or a kit is bought from a hardware store. However, it is actually quite simple to make one yourself. What’s more, it makes for a more authentic and genuine touch as you made it by hand. Stepping stones are concrete slabs that can be plain or done with designs, such as mosaic. This article will discuss how to make mosaic stepping stones using pieces of broken glass, tiles, seashells or any material your creativity can handle. Here are some steps you can follow to make your very own set of mosaic stepping stones for your home:

  1. Make measurements. Assess the space you have to work with. Estimate the relative size and number of the stepping stones you have to make. The measurements need not be exact, but they should not be too big or too small.

  2. Plan your design. When it comes to thinking up designs for your stepping stones, imagination is your limit.

    You can choose to go by a single design for all the stones or several designs, if you are feeling more creative. You can go by an outline, an abstract or solid design. Children’s coloring books are actually good sources for patterns.

  3. Purchase your materials. After you have decided on the designs you want, it is now time to buy the necessary materials. Here are the materials you will need to purchase:

    Concrete mix

    Mortar mix (optional)

    Molds (you can choose steel, wood or plastic)

    Sticky wax sheets

    Petroleum jelly or non-stick cooking spray

    Tiles (if you are using them)

    For the grout (if you are using tiles):

    Grout mix

    Waterproof sealant

    Grout float


  4. Gather recycled bits. Now that you have all the materials bought from the hardware store, gather the recycled materials that you want to use, such as stones, old tiles, broken glass or seashells.

  5. Prepare the mold. For the mold, you can use aluminum baking trays or you can make a simple wooden mold by nailing flat pieces of wood together. The important thing is that you use a mold that you can easily remove the concrete slab from, once it dries up. Make sure you lubricate it liberally with non-stick cooking spray or petroleum jelly before you pour in the concrete.

  6. Form the design. Helpful advice in making sure the design stays put is to use sticky paper. Lay the sticky paper sticky side up, making sure the size is just enough to fit your mold. There are two ways to lay the design down on the sticky paper. First is to do it on the reverse side, so you can lay it on the bottom of the mold, right side down, before you pour in the concrete. Or you can lay the design on the sticky paper and place it on top of the concrete after you pour it on the mold. Either way, the sticky paper will keep the design in place.

  7. Mix in the concrete. Follow the company’s instructions on how to mix the concrete. You want it to be soft and mushy but not watery. Make sure to add the water little by little and not altogether, at once. Next, carefully pour the mixture into your mold. Even it out with a flat piece of wood.

  8. Let it dry. Let it stand in the sun for 48 to 72 hours. Spray a bit of water on it once in a while to cure the concrete.

  9. Grout the tiles. If you are using tiles, you can choose to grout them if you like. However, you can also leave this last part out. Grouting just waterproofs your work, which may or may not be necessary.

In learning how to make mosaic stepping stones, you can even get your kids involved. You can use their hand or foot prints as designs or even let them form their own mosaic. It is a great way to preserve precious mementos of your little ones while harnessing their creativity through some quality family bonding. Whatever your method may be, and whoever you may do it with, making your own mosaic stepping stones will surely be a fun and worthwhile experience.


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