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How to Make My Man to Feel Sexy

How to Make My Man to Feel Sexy

Boosting your own confidence is one thing, but making your man feel good about himself is another thing. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out though, especially if you love your significant other. However, when it comes to knowing how to make my man to feel sexy, I’ve found the following tips really helpful:

  1. To be effective at making your guy feel oooh la la, you must firmly and wholly believe that he indeed is sexy. What if you're not exactly 100% on that? You'll need to convince yourself that he indeed is. That's why you're with him, right?

  2. Praise your man: Compliments give him the motivation to feel sexy about himself. Comment glowingly on his appearance or physical attributes to stroke his ego. However, be careful not to be too ingratiating, as sincerity is essential. Acknowledge his strengths and accomplishments, even the little things he does for you. Be on the lookout for little favors or sweet acts and never fail to thank him for them.

  3. Use touch to let him know he's sexy.

    Make him feel desirable by running your hand on his chest when you wake up in the morning. Touch his arms or shoulders occasionally when talking to him. However, be careful not to overdo it, as he may lack appreciation for something that comes frequently and often.

  4. You can give him massages a few times a month and make the most of each session. Use unhurried, firm motions and speak in a modulated voice when you issue instructions to him. You can check out how to's or videos online for tips on how to give him a body massage.

  5. Smile at him when you're facing him. Your smile should be the kind that reaches your eyes. Laugh at his jokes to boost his confidence and self-esteem.

  6. Dress up for him. Consistently prettify yourself daily so he'll be constantly motivated to feel sexy and confident about his masculinity. Consider getting sexy lingerie or sleepwear that you wear even when you're just hanging out at home during the day.

  7. Send him little flirty tokens, such as a photo of you in sexy attire or a naughty text message or email. Consider making a short poem about his positive attributes.

  8. Set up your room or home with aromatic candles or scents to put him in a sexy mood. Spritz a fragrance or light a scented candle and watch his reaction to find out his preferences. You can start with ylang ylang, rose, cinnamon, or sandalwood, which are all considered sensual scents.

  9. Respond to his sexual requests and appreciate his initiation willingly and sweetly. This will boost his confidence and increase his feelings of sexiness. You can also be the one taking the initiative and whispering your own requests/fantasies in his ear.

  10. Cook him a delicious meal and feed him some of it with your hand. Let your fingers linger on his mouth while maintaining intimate, eye contact.

  11. Ask him about his day with a sweet smile and take the time to really listen to every word he says while paraphrasing some of his statements to let him know you're following what he's saying. Smile on cue and react appropriately to what he's told you. He'll feel loved and sexy knowing that you're truly interested in what he's been doing and what he has to say.

Consistency is key to how to make my man to feel sexy. Do what you can to regular boost his confidence and your man will always feel good about himself.


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