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How to Make Organic Fertilizer

How to Make Organic Fertilizer

All kinds of plants need to be fertilized in order to grow vibrantly and produce the best results, whether fruits or flowers. Nowadays, more people have been conscious in the preservation of the resources of the earth and making organic fertilizers has been continuously advocated by environment-friendly groups. Using organic fertilizer produces more results than using pesticides and chemicals to aid the growth of a plant. As a gardener, you need to learn how to make organic fertilizer from scratch because it will not only facilitate the growth and well being of your plant, but it will also help save the environment. Organic fertilizers will be more cost efficient than spending money to buy artificial chemicals. When using organic fertilizer for your plants, be prepared to come face to face with animal manure and the smell that comes with it. It may sound gross but the results will be great. Here are ways you can make organic fertilizer:

  1. Choose the kind of animal manure to use. One of the best animal manures to use for organic fertilizer is the cow manure that you can buy in bags from any garden supply center.

    You may also acquire manure from a nearby farm by asking the owner of the cattle if you can have some of the animal’s stool. Another reason why the cow stool is better is because it is loose and runny compared to the horse’s, which is solid and rounded. Choose the kind of stool that has already aged and dried because it does not contain the strong solution that can damage your plants.

  2. Ferment the manure. Decide where you want to put your trash can full of developing fertilizer and let it stay there for several days. Although it does not matter whether you choose to put the container in a shady or sunny spot, consider a place that does not get in your way or situate it where the smell does not bother you and your family. Once you have found the spot, pour water into the container until about 6 inches from the top.

  3. Continue the process of fermentation. Using an old pillow case, you can continue the process of fermentation by pouring 3 to 4 gallons of the manure into it, then tie a loose knot to close the package. Put the bag into a container filled with water and let it stay there for another three to four days, but do not cover the container because the fermentation of the manure will create a lot of gases. When time has elapsed, take the pillow case out of the water then scatter it thinly over an area that will benefit from it. Add 1/2 cup of plain Ivory and 4 cups of Epsom salt over the water and stir the solution well using a garden spade.

  4. Pour the manure. Prepare several gallons of this solution into a bucket of 5 gallons then dilute it with water until its color fades. You can pour a pint or two of your prepared manure onto a small shrub or a quarter or two onto a large plant. The same amount of liquid fertilizer can be poured over vegetable plants.

For the best results while using a very easy-to-prepare-and-use liquid organic fertilizer, you have to work on it during the early morning or late in the afternoon. Learn more about how to make organic fertilizer through the internet and other sources like gardening books. You will surely enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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