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how to make organic fertilizer at home

how to make organic fertilizer at home

Organic food products are becoming more popular these days. They are chemical-free, which is good news for our bodies. Do you know that you can also grow your own organic plants at home?  Anyone who is determined to spend quality time in the garden can do the job. These are steps for learning how to make organic fertilizer at home:

  1. We always get anything we need from the local gardening store - even organic fertilizers. They are a bit costly, so why buy when you can easily make your own organic fertilizer? The compost from your bin or pile is the basic material you need to create an organic vegetable garden.  Compostable materials are always available in your kitchen and yard wastes – make use of them.

  2. Create your own liquid fertilizer. It is rich in nutrients, which is essential for your garden.  Use legumes or any rapid growing plants as your raw material for this procedure. You will need water and brown sugar or molasses. Mix all the ingredients in a bucket. Transfer the liquid solution from the mixture to a container using a strainer.

    ce the container in a cool, dry place and let it set for one week. Just leave the bottle cap partially open to aerate the solution. It helps the cultured bacteria to freshen up. Throw the drained components into your compost bin. When the solution is ready, blend 1 cup of liquid solution with 1 gallon of water. It is best to apply the diluted solution to the base of the plants in the morning or during cooler afternoons.

  3. Seaweed fertilizers are highly efficient for vegetable gardens. They are suitable for most plants. In making seaweed fertilizer, combine 2 cups of seaweed granules to 4 liters of water. Mix and seal in a container. Stir every day for five days. Another organic mix can be made from one piece of kelp meal, a half piece of dolomite lime, four pieces of seed meal, a half piece of gypsum and one piece of bone meal. Just mix all these ingredients thoroughly and seal in a bucket.

  4. Some traditional gardeners use Epsom salts in their gardens. It is a source of magnesium sulfate, which is good for your plants. Make a solution using 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt and 4 liters of water. Apply the solution by spraying it or pouring it directly to the base of the plants. Coffee grounds that contain nitrogen, a helpful substance for plants, can be added to the mixture. Mix thoroughly and sprinkle it to your plants. Furthermore, crushed egg shells will help enrich your plants. Just plunge the crushed shells into your tomato garden and expect a good harvest in due time.

  5. You can have good quality organic fertilizers without too much effort. A banana peel is one of the easiest materials to prepare. Instead of tossing it away, dry or toast the banana peel then crush until powdered. Take the powder into a small canister and sprinkle it on your garden. Banana peels contain major elements like nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, which are exactly what your plants need. You will surely enjoy savoring the taste of your organic harvests without spending too much cash.

How to make organic fertilizer at home sounds like hitting two birds with one stone. You are not just enriching your soil at home, but also producing healthy vegetables and fruits from your organic garden.


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