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How to Make Organic Soap

How to Make Organic Soap

Organic soaps are slowly becoming the trend these days, as more and more people are becoming conscious of what they apply on their body. Because information about harsh chemicals is so readily available through the Internet, people have started switching to organic soaps because they want to make use of natural ingredients that do not irritate the skin. You can even make your own organic soap, giving you the benefit of knowing exactly what the ingredients are and whether or not they are good for your skin. All you need to do is to follow these instructions on how to make organic soap:

  1. Prepare all the ingredients for your organic soap:

    6 oz. distilled water

    2 ¼ oz. lye

    10 oz. olive oil

    6 oz. coconut oil

    1 tbsp. castor oil

  2. You will also need the following tools and utensils:


    Parchment paper

    Small box for molding


    Wooden spoon

    Stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, or glass bowl

    2 liquid measuring cups

    2 food thermometers for lye and oils

  3. Since lye is a strong irritant on the skin and causes severe burns, you should always wear protective gear.

    It will get neutralized once it is mixed with the oils, but until then, you should wear gloves, long pants, a long sleeve shirt, and safety glasses.

  4. Line your molding box with parchment paper. An alternative would be freezer paper. This will help release the soap easily once it has been molded.

  5. Pour the lye into your stainless steel, plastic, ceramic, or glass bowl. Pour the 6 oz. of distilled water into one measuring cup and combine the oils in another.

  6. Add the water to the lye slowly while stirring. Be gentle when you stir to avoid spattering. This mixture might create heat and fumes, so be careful and make sure you have plenty of ventilation in your working area. After mixing the two, set it aside to cool for around 20 minutes.

  7. If your oils are solid, melt them into liquid by warming them. However, be careful not to make the oils too hot, since you need them to be cool before you can proceed with the next step.

  8. Using your two food thermometers, take the temperatures of the oils and the lye mixture. They should be within 20 degrees F of each other, somewhere between 90 to 100 degrees F. If the mixtures are too warm, wait for them to cool. If they are too cold, you may rewarm them to achieve the desired temperature.

  9. Combine the lye mixture and the oils gradually, stirring constantly.

  10. Whisk the mixture with the whisk, blending until it achieves the consistency of pudding. Stop once the temperature has risen at least 3 degrees F. This might take a few minutes to an hour to achieve.

  11. Once finished whisking, pour the mixture into the lined molding box and let it sit for two days.

  12. After two days, put on your gloves and check the soap to see if it is hard and solid. Remove the soap from the box and then cut it into bars. Discard the soap if it is crumbly.

  13. After cutting into soap bars, lay them out flat to cure until they are dry. Turn them over every day for three to four weeks before using.

  14. Store the soap in a well-ventilated container.

Learning how to make organic soap may be tedious and take a lot of time, but it is all worth it, considering that you have your own organic soap that you can use on your body. Just be careful in handling the lye, and always have a bottle of vinegar handy in case of contact with lye. Vinegar has a neutralizing effect on lye.


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