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how to make ornaments

how to make ornaments

If you know how to make ornaments at home, then any occasion or holiday can become even more personal and special. It is a matter of being creative during Christmas and other special holidays. Making your own ornaments is not only cost-effective, but you can also explore a number of designs depending on the season or occasion to be celebrated. Although there are a wide variety of decorations you can make at home, let us focus on a specific method: making ornaments out of Styrofoam. Because Styrofoam is very lightweight, easy to cut, and inexpensive, you can make a lot without spending a lot.

  1. Gather materials: Styrofoam balls, preferably of various sizes, spray paints, glue, old newspapers, a box that can hold at least 3 balls, and glitter and any other decorative materials.

  2. Consider making the ornaments outside so you can avoid making a mess. Before you get started, spread out old newspapers to cover the entire working area.

  3. Spray paint half of all the balls.

    Let them sit and dry. Then spray paint the other hall

  4. Embellish the painted Styrofoam balls with glitter and other materials. You could create your own designs like swirling lines, little circles and stars, or anything you think is appropriate. Or you could even coat each ball with glue and then dip into glitter.

  5. If you have extra Styrofoam, you can carve out your own designs. The challenge lies in your ability to cut the Styrofoam. Use a heated sharp knife to do so. For ease of cutting and reproduction, draw your design on paper and attach it to the Styrofoam to use as an outline.

  6. Spray paint and embellish your unique ornaments.

During Christmas season, you can make various ornaments to add color into your Christmas tree at home. Rather than buying those expensive decorative items in the shopping malls, it is much better if you make your own designs based on your personal preference. Involve your kids in the process, and for sure, they will love what you are doing. ItÂ’s a great way to build a stronger bond with your kids. There are still so many ways other methods on how to make ornaments. Just expand your research and make your holiday decorations special and beautiful.


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