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How to Make Paper Boxes

How to Make Paper Boxes

Paper boxes are suitable for almost any type of occasion or activity. Whether you want to use one as a container for a gift, or to have a canister for your trinkets, a paper box can do the job for you. Although you can buy many pre-made paper boxes in supply stores, nothing beats knowing how to make paper boxes on your own. This way, you get to personalize your gifts or belongings. If you want to give one as a gift to someone, he or she will appreciate the fact that you made it yourself. There are several ways to make paper boxes. If you want to make the origami type without a cover, read on:

  1. Use origami paper in a color of your choice. If you don’t have origami paper, any type of paper will do. Preferably, it should be square so that it is proportional on all sides. However, if your paper is not square, just fold it diagonally and trim off the excess to make it square-shaped.

  2. Open the paper and fold it across the middle in a horizontal direction. Mark the fold and then unfold it.

  3. Fold it again in the middle, this time in a vertical manner, then unfold it.

    By this time, you should have two lines intersecting at the center, not counting the diagonal line that you first made while making the paper proportional.

  4. Fold it diagonally on one side, then fold it again diagonally on the other side. When you unfold the paper and lay it flat on the surface, you should have formed an asterisk with all the creases that you have made.

  5. Fold each corner using the creases that you made before as guidelines. You should end up with a smaller square.

  6. Fold an edge of this square towards the center. Do the same with the opposite edge. You should end up with a rectangle.

  7. Open the corners all the way from the center. Make sure that the unfolded corners point to your left and right. If you folded the top and bottom edges, you can just rotate the paper 90 degrees to achieve the desired orientation. By this time, you should have a sort of elongated hexagon shape.

  8. Fold the top edge towards the center. The creases in the paper should serve as guidelines for aligning the fold to the center of the paper. Repeat this step for the bottom edge. Leave the left and right corners open.

  9. Unfold both the top and bottom edges 90 degrees, perpendicular to the surface. These will serve as the two walls of your paper box. Now, you have walls and a floor for your paper box.

  10. Fold the right open end, and while doing this, push the corners inside. Once again, the guide creases should naturally align the edges of the folds to the center of your box floor.

  11. Fold the open flap towards the center of your box floor, so that its point meets the other points of the top and bottom edges of your box floor. Tuck in the corners.

  12. Do the same thing with the open left end. You now have a small origami paper box.

When learning how to make paper boxes using origami, it is especially important to fold neatly so that your finished product looks neat. This kind of paper box is perfect for lightweight use as it is only made of simple paper, not of sturdy cardboard. If you want to secure the flaps, you can glue or tape them to the bottom of your box. You can also make a lid for this box by repeating the aforementioned steps on a larger, square-shaped piece of paper.


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