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how to make paper Christmas ornaments

how to make paper Christmas ornaments

It’s Christmastime, and what better way to prepare for the holiday than by putting up all kinds of decorations. You can buy, of course, them but why not make them? Ornaments made out of paper are popular and easy to make.  You can even teach your kids how to make paper Christmas ornaments. Paper ornaments are made by many people. Paper is relatively easy to use and can be turned into something beautiful. Besides that, there are many varieties of paper of all colors, sizes, thicknesses and design that are easy to decorate and pair with other materials. Paper is also affordable compared to other materials, but the end product can look really impressive. There many paper ornaments that you can make. One thing that I really enjoy and frequently do during the holidays is to make a three dimensional paper star. From the sound of it, one may think that it’s going to be complicated, but I assure you it’s not! I started making these in the third grade and it was surprisingly easy.

  1. The first thing to do is to fold construction paper from one corner to the other opposite side, so that the edges line up, creating a triangle.

    the paper is not square to start with there will be excess paper at the bottom, which you will have to neatly cut to create a folded triangle. When you open it, you will have a perfect square.

  2. Taking your folded neatly folded triangle, fold it again to make an even smaller triangle. Press it to make a crease. The crease will serve as your guide for the next steps. Open it out again so that you have the larger triangle again.

  3. Place the folded triangle in front of you. The base of the triangle (the longest side of the triangle) should be in front of you, while the tip with an opening should be farthest away from you.

  4. Using a ruler and a pencil, start making lines from the base, going in from the right edge to about a centimeter before the center crease that you made earlier. The right side of the paper will be your guide. You can make lines about ¼ inch apart or wider if you like.

  5. Once you have marked the right side, do the same to the left, all the way in and stopping a centimeter before the creased line. Make sure that the lines are symmetrical.

  6. When done, cut along the marked lines, making sure that you stop before the creased line. I emphasize this because it won’t work if you cut all the way to the creased line. Do the same for the other end. What you should have are parallel cuts on both sides.

  7. When all the cutting have been done. Unfold your triangle back to a square. Starting in the middle, attach the tips of the two smallest triangles, overlapping a little bit. Use glue or double-sided tape to attach the tips.

  8. Turn the paper upside down and do the same for the next triangles. Then turn it around again and attach the next. Repeat this process until all the triangles have been attached together. You now should have one part of the five parts of a star. Make four more of these then attach all the tips together with glue, double-sided tape or you can just staple them together.

  9. You can make different variations of this simple paper technique. You can even bring six or eight of these together. You can make smaller or bigger ones. You can have wider cuts or smaller ones. It all depends on your preference. Try making one to and you’ll be able to decide what suits you best.

  10. Also experiment with various kinds of paper. You can paint or decorate it, or use glossy paper so that it will shimmer and will look really festive.

You’ll be so pleased you know how to make paper Christmas ornaments and decorate them all over your house. This is one way to reduce your Christmas decoration expenses but still have a beautiful outcome.


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