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How to Make Paper Decorations

How to Make Paper Decorations

There are so many readymade decorations and ornaments that you can buy in your local craft store; however, sometimes it is more fulfilling to create your own decorations. Not only is it cheaper, but it is also fun to do with friends and family. Using simple materials, you can make paper decorations for parties, special occasions, or even to simply decorate your bedroom. To learn how to make paper decorations, you can start off with the simple tissue paper pompom.

  1. Get the following materials:

    5 sheets of tissue paper per pompom

    Floral wire or a stapler

    A string if you want to hang the pompoms

  2. Cut five sheets of tissue paper in half and stack them. You can add more tissue paper to make fluffier pompoms. To give you an idea of the final product, a pompom made of around 10 sheets will be the size of a dinner plate.

  3. Fold the stacked pieces of tissue paper like an accordion.

    To do this, fold an edge of the paper about 1.5 inches over (will depend on size of tissue paper), then turn the paper over, and fold that same edge 1.5 inches over. Continue until you finish folding, and it should resemble an accordion. Make sure you crease each fold so that it is folded tightly.

  4. Tie the floral wire around the center of the tissue paper. Twist it off to secure. An alternative is stapling the middle. If you are careful, the wire or staple will be hidden from view.

  5. Cut the ends of your tissue paper into a triangular or rounded shape.

  6. Gently separate your folds and open them up. Be very careful since tissue paper is thin and easily tears. Do it one side at a time. Separate each fold of each tissue paper by pulling toward you. It might help to hold and pinch the pompon in the middle with your non-dominant hand, and then use your dominant hand to pull half the sheets out to one side and the other half to the other side. To make it fluffier, make sure to separate the folds down to the floral wire.

  7. Once you have unfolded each piece, you now have your tissue pompom. You can manipulate it to get the shape that you want. Tie the floral wire to a string if you want to hang it.

Tissue paper pompoms can be used for many different events, such as a bridal shower, a birthday party, or even a wedding. It is very easy to do, not to mention that it also makes use of cheap materials that you can easily find at a local craft store. You can create tissue pompoms using different colors, or you could even mix various tissue paper colors in one tissue pompom. Customize it according to your preferences. The tissue pompom is just one of the many paper decorations that you can create. Learning how to make paper decorations will help you save a lot of money on decorations for parties and other special occasions.


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