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how to make paper flowers

how to make paper flowers

Once you know how to make paper flowers, you can make them to decorate your space or give them as gifts. Paper flowers made of bright colors can bring life to your dull room. Apart from the fact that the materials you will need are really cheap, the process is easy. Even little kids can make their own paper flowers under minimal supervision. Check out the following directions to get started.

  1. Get the needed materials: You will need pieces of crepe paper, thin wire intended for flower making, preferably green floral tape, sharp scissors, pinking cutter, sharp wire cutter, and glue.

  2. Choose a spacious working area. You can use a large table. Cover it with old plain cloth so you can avoid damaging it.

  3. Cut out paper petals. You can start with 15 to 18 petals of different sizes. You may want to add some more as you form the paper flower. Ideally, every petal should be anywhere between 1.

    5 inch to 2 inches. The easiest figure you can make for petals is a teardrop shape. Lay out the petals on the table and curl up on their edges.

  4. Use a pinking cutter to cut out the different sized paper leaves from two pieces of green crepe paper. A pinking cutter can add beautiful edges to the paper leaves.

  5. Cut the stem for the leaves. You can use wire of 3 inches or more for your stem. Get a leaf pair and open it up, and then insert the wire half-way right in the middle and glue the edges of the leaf pair and put them together again. When using the glue, you have to cover both the leaf pair edges and the wire itself. Add more leaves to the stem by following the same procedure.

  6. Work on the petals around the flower stem. You will need around eight inches for the flower stem. Get a piece of petal and place it on top of the stem. Put several rows of glue half-way on the outer part of the petal. After that, you can slowly curl the petal and twist the bottom part around the stem. In this way, you are able to secure it at the bottom.

  7. Form the flower. Start putting on the next petal around the first petal. You should be turning the stem in the process in order for the petal edges not to line up. Once a petal is attached using the glue, twist the bottom part in between your fingers to tightly secure it. Continue putting on some more petals around until you are able to form your flower.

  8. Secure the flower bloom. Use floral tape to lock the grouping of petals. Start wrapping the bottom part of the flower bloom and go downward toward the stem.

  9. Attach leaves. You can attach individual leaves or a cluster for a more natural look. Wrap the stem-wire of each leaf so it can be attached securely on the flower stem. Wrap floral tape all over the stem to make the paper flower sturdier.

Once done, you are now ready to enjoy your new paper flower. If you feel that you just made a perfect paper blossom, then you can continue creating some more and make your space very lively and attractive. You can also teach your friends or your kids how to make paper flowers so they can decorate their own rooms too.


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