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how to make paper flowers with tissue paper

how to make paper flowers with tissue paper

Do you want to cheer up sick friends or loved ones who might be allergic to fresh flowers? Why not make your own flowers from tissue paper? It’s easy, affordable, and fun, and you can make them in different colors and textures. They will of course last longer than fresh flowers. Instead of giving them away, you can even use them as decorations for your home or special events. To learn how to make paper flowers with tissue paper, keep on reading for simple instructions. Before starting, you will need tissue paper in a variety of colors. For stems you can use chenille stems, green pipe cleaners, or florist wire. You will also need a pair of scissors and a ruler. When you have the necessary materials, you are now ready to make paper flowers.

  1. Cut the tissue paper into rectangles. A good measurement to begin with is 6 x 8 inches. Later, when you get some experience in making tissue paper flowers, you can be more adventurous and creative and start making flowers using different measurements of tissue paper.

  2. To make a single flower, you should have around 14 or 15 pieces of tissue paper rectangles.

    Your flower will lose its fullness if you will use a smaller number of tissue paper pieces. Put them in a neat stack. They may be of the same color or of different color combinations.

  3. Next, fold the tissue paper neatly in accordion pleats on the long side. The folds should measure around 1 to 1 ½ inches. Then fold the tissue paper into half.

  4. Cut a chenille stem or floral wire to the desired length. Securely wrap one end of the wire around the center of the folded tissue paper. If the flower is going to go into a vase or a bouquet, a longer stem is needed.

  5. To make the petals look more appealing, use scissors to carefully trim the ends of the tips of the folded paper into triangular points or half circles.

  6. Unfold each layer of tissue paper gently, pulling upward and working towards the middle. Do this carefully to avoid tearing the tissue paper. You can then arrange and fluff the petals as desired. You now have a paper flower.

With some practice you will soon be able to make beautiful paper flowers that can be used instead of fresh ones for events and occasions like weddings, dinners, and birthdays. You may also want to use striped or tie-dyed tissue paper to make more unusual yet delightful blooms. Books, magazines, and the Internet are good sources of more paper flower designs that you could try. Use your paper blossoms to make your loved ones and friends smile and to brighten up an otherwise dreary room. Paper flower making is also a good activity or hobby for children. You will be sure to make others smile with your blossoms when you know how to make paper flowers with tissue paper.


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