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How to Make Paper Guns that Shoot

How to Make Paper Guns that Shoot

Have you ever wanted to give your son a toy gun but found that the ones in stores were too expensive for your budget? Here’s some good news: you can make your own paper toy gun that can actually shoot pellets. This paper gun can be played with at home, whether indoors or outdoors. The best thing about it is that it is economical and easy to do, thus making it perfect for group games with family and friends. You can make multiple paper guns with paper ammo and engage in an epic battle. Moreover, making paper guns will not take much of your time. Here are the steps on how to make paper guns that shoot paper pellets:

    1. First of all, you need to prepare the necessary materials.

      3 sheets of bond paper for every paper gun

      A pair of scissors


    2. Get one piece of bond paper and roll it vertically. This will serve as the barrel of the paper gun, and you can adjust its size according to your preferences.

      Once the barrel is as thick as you want it, tape the roll to secure it, then set it aside for now.

    3. Get the second piece of bond paper and roll it as well, this time horizontally. Unlike the barrel of your gun, this roll must be tight, as this will serve as the paper gun’s handle. Once you have finished tightening the roll, cut it in half and secure it with tape.

    4. Connect the barrel and the handle to each other by holding up the shorter roll to one of the longer roll’s end. Secure it with tape, making sure that the tape completely surrounds the uppermost edge of the paper gun’s handle.

    5. Get the third sheet of bond paper and divide it into three sections equally. Lay it in a landscape position and make two vertical lines, dividing the paper into three equal parts Cut these lines and take one section. Roll this section into a cone, and tuck in one corner, securing the whole thing with a tape.

    6. Insert this cone into an end of the barrel, about one inch deep. If there are any parts of the cone that stick out, trim them using your scissors.

    7. The nose of the cone will serve as your paper bullet. Do the same thing with the remaining two sections of your third paper.

    8. Place one bullet inside the barrel, the side closest to the handle. The bullet should be pushed inside for about an inch.

    9. Test your paper gun by aiming at something and blowing at the end of the barrel.

If you only make one paper gun, one game that you can play is Assassins, in which one person is the killer and hunts down other players. However, you can make multiple paper guns and play with friends. If there are a lot of players, make two groups and shoot each other with the paper guns. Remember that you can make different variations of paper guns, and you can even use colored paper to make your paper guns look more interesting. You can also try making a more complicated type of paper gun, one with a reloader to let you shoot bullets at a quicker pace. Knowing the basics of how to make paper guns that shoot will help you easily learn how to make more complicated types of paper guns.


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