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How to make paper snowflake patterns

How to make paper snowflake patterns How to make paper snowflake patterns How to make paper snowflake patterns How to make paper snowflake patterns How to make paper snowflake patterns

Snowflake designs will come in handy after mastering the folding procedures.  These are what they call free-style snowflakes. What if you need your students to make uniform snowflakes for an event?  How to make paper snowflake patterns will then be very helpful for the children. It will also make your job manageable when you have these desired templates in place. Let’s review the basic folding instructions first: Using a standard-sized sheet of 8.5” x 11” white paper, fold the paper from the top right to the bottom left side and make a crease. Cut off the excess at the bottom which will ultimately form a square sheet of paper.  Fold your triangle into a second triangle from corner to corner. Place your triangle on the table with the one corner at the top and the two corners at the sides. Fold the left corner two-thirds toward the right past the centerline. Do the same with the right corner to become even with the other side. This will form an “arrow” shape. Then cut off the two points at the bottom to look like the diagram below. Let’s proceed with making the snowflake patterns below:

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    Form a “heart shaped” pattern by placing your folded paper horizontally. Draw an M-like pattern in script with the two curves on top placed in a slanted position. - pointing the flat base of the triangle which is opposite the pointed part. Draw an N-like pattern in script under the first curve. Leave an un-shaded strip in between the first leg of the overlapping M and N sketch. Shade the outline for around one inch thick in gray. Cut only the un-shaded parts.

  2. Create a “spiky floral” pattern by illustrating on the upper part of the horizontally laid folded triangle some kind of a stem with spikes. There must be 2 un-shaded strips near the sharp tip of the triangle. You can’t miss the 3 shaded spikes below and the 2 un-shaded spaces above. These details will form a spiky floral arrangement for your snowflake when the un-shaded parts are cut. This design is condensed on one side of the triangle only – leaving you to cut a larger remaining portion.

  3. End up with a “bell-oriented” snowflake pattern shading half of the bell near the flat base of the triangle. Draw also some stem-like additions one extending from the middle of the one half of the bell to the other side of the triangle. Another shaded stem below it from the end of the other side extended to the middle of the opposite side. Notice the tiny un-shaded parts just near the top of the half bell, in the middle tip of the triangle and right below the second stem. Cut all these mentioned un-shaded parts including the major ones to hollow a part of the bell and spaces in between the bell and the spaces.

It is ideal to practice snowflake-making using pieces of plain paper. You can use colorful cardstock or wrapping paper to create a little excitement in the room. Proceed to sheer vellum, metallic paper or embossed cardstock to gear up the festive mood. Prepare coloring papers with markers, crayons or colored pencils to make your classroom activity complete. Apply some finishing touches to the snowflakes like gluing some glitters, sequence and bead works. How to make paper snowflakes patterns will just need some standardized instructions – like the shaded part in gray must be the only ones left after eliminating the un-shaded parts completely. It is easy to get confused as to what part must be left or eliminated if instructions are changing. Making it complicated will make the fun part of the activity disappear. You just have to simplify things to contain the attention span of children. If you are under time pressure, do the final pieces together step by step.


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