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how to make paper snowflakes for kids

how to make paper snowflakes for kids

Encouraging children to make different kinds of arts and crafts can really help enhance their creativity, build self-esteem and develop their fine motor skills. There are many crafts that can be introduced and one of them is learning how to make paper snowflakes for kids. This particular activity will really enhance children’s own creativity, since they will be making their own patterns. It is very enjoyable to do, even for adults. To encourage them, have them decorate their finished products. This will build self-esteem in the kids, which is crucial to their overall development. At Christmas time, you can also do this activity and use the finish products as window and wall decorations. You can also opt to hang a couple of paper snowflakes, which will make a good focal point. Paper, especially for kids who are just starting to learn to cut, is a good material to work with. Just be careful to guide the kids step by step in this activity, especially the cutting.

  1. Make a square from letter size bond paper. To do this, simply fold one corner diagonally, all the way to the other side, creating a triangle.

    Fold the excess paper over to make a crease then cut it off. You now should have a 2-ply triangle.

  2. Open the paper and you should have square in front of you. Fold the paper into two to make a rectangular shape. Fold it again to make a smaller square. Fold the small square diagonally to make a smaller triangle.

  3. Once you have the triangle, you have two options; one is to make a four-sided paper snowflake and the other is a six-sided one.

  4. Position the triangle in a way that the center of the paper is pointing upwards. Draw along the folded, long side of the triangle.

  5. You can draw any pattern you want, such as branch-like patterns or different shapes, like circles, triangles and many others. If you form half a heart, when you open opened, it will form a heart.

  6. Whatever design you will make, always keep in mind to always end your design at least a few centimeters before the center of the triangle.

  7. When you are done, start cutting your pattern. Then open the paper carefully and you should have made a four sided paper snowflake.

  8. To make a 6 sided one, after step 2, make additional folds before making your pattern. From the triangle, measure with a protractor to divide the triangle into three parts. With the long side up, fold the right side in, then the left.

  9. Then go to step 5 and draw your design on the folded side of the paper just as for the four-sided. Follow the rest of the instructions as before. To make a 12-sided paper snowflake, after step 8, simply fold it down the middle then follow the rest of the instructions accordingly.

  10. There are many patterns available in craft books and online. If you want to, you can simply use their pattern.  For beginners, it’s probably best to start with the 4-sided snowflake to give the kids an overview of what they will be making. They will then have an idea of what is possible.

Teaching how to make paper snowflakes for kids is such a wonderful activity, not only for the holidays, but all year round. Try making different kinds of paper snowflakes using different kinds of paper and different colors. You can jazz them up by sprinkling glitter all over them. Enjoy!


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