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As a pendant forms part of a set of jewelry, either for ornamentation or for identification purposes, jewelry makers should know how to make pendants. If it is attached on a loop of a necklace, it is called a pendant necklace. If it simply hangs in a piece of earring, it is called a pendant earring. Some would regard a jewelry pendant as a sign of self-affirmation, like a certain design that bears a given name or initial. Sometimes, pendants are used as religious adornments or as good luck charms. Fashionable women love to wear their jewelry on any occasion, either during a casual gathering or at a grandiose party. Because of this fact, jewelry makers will always have a market. Besides, pendants that are made of precious stones, such as diamonds, are personal assets that can be passed on from one generation to another generation. In fact, there are royal families who treat their precious pendants as family heirlooms. You will see that there are personalized styles of pendants, like those that have lockets that contain a precious photograph. If you wish to create a style fit for your personality, the following will guide you accordingly.

  1. Prepare the things you need. Early on, prepare the items you need for the job, which include a paper-made photo, a piece of glass tile pendant, aanraku bails, diamond glaze, mod podge, clear glue, E6000 adhesive and scissors.

  2. Cut your paper-made photo. The shape of your glass tile will be the shape of your pendant. On top of your photo, place the glass tile pendant focusing on the center image or design you like and trace around the edges. Cut the photo following the trace you made, but keep it smaller than the actual shape of the glass tile. Make fine edges as you cut.

  3. Attach the image to the glass tile pendant. This time you will need to evenly spread the clear glue right at the back of the glass tile then attach the photo. Do not put too much glue; avoid creating a messy appearance. Wipe the edges of the pendant tile to remove excess clear glue. Allow the glue a day to dry.

  4. Create a resin-like appearance on your pendant. You need to apply diamond glaze or mod podge on the back of the pendant. Use a flat paintbrush. While some pendant makers love to use diamond glaze, there are others who prefer using mod podge.

  5. Attach your aanraku bails. Use your E6000 adhesive or any other adhesive available in attaching the aanraku bails. If you like your pendant to have a horizontal character, you attach two aanraku bails. But if you choose to have a vertical character, one will suffice. Allow the glue another day to dry.

These simple steps will help you design a stunning, personalized pendant with an interior photo. Make one for a family member or a friend. They will treasure your creation. Pendants are also good presents on any occasion, such as birthdays and special holidays. Furthermore, pendant-making can be a source of extra income. Now that you know how to make pendants, create as many as you can, choosing the kinds of shapes and designs you like. Make it known to your friends and to the rest of the world by advertising online and take orders later on.


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