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how to make pine cone turkeys

how to make pine cone turkeys

Turkey has always been associated with Thanksgiving.  On this occasion, turkey is cooked for the feast and various turkey decorations fill the house. There are so many different kinds of turkey ornaments and all of them have their own style and beauty. I have one personal favorite and would like to share with you how to make pine cone turkeys. Pine cones are a good material for ornaments, since they can be used for various decoration themes such as Santa Claus, angels, owls and the like. They are easy to use and inexpensive too.  During the Christmas holiday, pine cones are widely used in different kinds of ornaments. To make a pine cone turkey, I will be showing you the idea of how to do it but you can make your own version. I am sure of it. Even kids can make them. Making crafts usually goes like this; you can always make your own version as there are no concrete rules that you must abide by.

  1. First find your pine cones. Clean them first and check for possible bugs and dirt. Once they are clean, you can let them dry before using.

    ome suggest placing them on a cookie sheet and baking them in an oven to give them a nice glow.

  2. Prepare pipe cleaners or the chenille stems. You can find pipe cleaners in craft stores. It’s possible to use either one color or many depending on how you want your turkey to look like.  In this example, we are using festive colors; red for the head and legs, with orange, yellow and red for the feathers.

  3. Using wire cutters, cut the pine cones it the middle, where it is narrow, and in between the bumps. Make sure that the chenille stems keep their fluffy appearance. These will be used as the head and the tail of the turkey.

  4. The first step is to make the head. Simply shape it into a letter S. Attach this to the pine cone, which will actually form the body of the turkey.  Put some glue on the rounded side of the cone and attach the S shaped chenille stem. The fluffy part will serve as the wattle, therefore it should be the one attached to the cone.

  5. Get another stem and bend it into a V shape. This will form the legs of the turkey. Fold the ends of the V-shaped stem a little bit to make feet. Put some glue on the bottom part of the cone and tuck the V-shaped legs in between some of the small openings.

  6. Next make the feathers. Use five feathers for smaller pine cones and add more if for larger ones. Bend one of the feathers into a U- shape and arrange the stem to make the center part fluffy. Attach the two ends together by twisting. Do this for all the rest of the stems meant for feathers.

  7. Attach these feathers to the flat side of the cone (the side opposite the head) by placing glue at the twisted ends. Let it dry thoroughly to ensure that they are properly attached.

  8. One variation is to use feathers sold at crafts store, which actually looks a lot more real. You can choose different colors and match them to the chenille stem for a more cohesive look.  You can also skip the legs, as it looks rather good without them.

I certainly hope that these steps describing how to make pine cone turkeys will help you when decorating for the holidays. Good luck making one; let your creativity dictate any new materials when making your very own pine cone turkey.


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