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how to make pom poms out of yarn

how to make pom poms out of yarn

If you are thinking of easy and inexpensive ways to decorate a headband, hat or even your home, you may want to learn how to make pom poms out of yarn. Making pom poms is an easy process but requires patience. Once you know the basic steps, you can explore the numerous possibilities by altering the colors, sizes and types of the yarn. Let those creative juices flow. This guide will explain the steps to creating a small pom pom. You can try to make a bigger one after you get the hang of it.

  1. Make the guide using a compass and a cardboard. For this particular pom pom, we will make a small pattern.  The idea is to make two donut shapes from the cardboard.  A two-inch diameter will be a good size for the first circle. The inner circle can be about less than one inch in diameter. Cut the cardboard accordingly, including the smaller circle inside. What you should have are two donut shaped cardboard pieces, a two-inch diameter for the outer circle and less than an inch for the inner circle.

  2. To begin making the pom pom, join the two cardboard circles together.

    ou will be winding the yarn all around the cardboard, so cut your yarn to about five to seven meters long to prevent tangling. You can use assorted colors, but use a single color first. You will be able to see clearly how the pom pom will turn out.

  3. Hold one end of the yarn and place it in the outer circle. Wrap it all around the inner hole, going all the way to the outer circle then up again to the inner hole. Repeat this step until the cardboard ring is covered.

  4. Make sure that your strands of yarn in the rings are thick enough to make a nice solid ball. Thinner ones will make a less solid-looking ball. If you run out of yarn, just start another one; make sure that you end at a proper length and not anywhere in the middle.

  5. Once the cardboard is filled with the yarns, use scissors to cut the yarn at the edge of the circle. Remember that you used two rings and placed them together; try getting in between to cut all the yarn strands. You may have to do it by batches or layer by layer, especially if the yarn is thick.

  6. When you are able to cut through the two boards, wrap yarn all around the cardboard until you are able to tie the yarn together. Make sure that you tie the yarn as tight as you can.

  7. Gently remove the cardboard. Cut them if necessary. You now should have a little pom pom made of yarn. Trim the edges for a tidier look.

You can use these pom poms in various ways. During the Christmas season, you can make a wreath using Christmas colors. For birthdays, these can serve as hanging decorations or ornaments for party hats. You can even make a rug. It is very easy to master the steps on how to make pom poms out of yarn. Once you do, the possibilities are endless!


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