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How to Make Ponytail

How to Make Ponytail

A ponytail is a simple but classic hairstyle that men and women of all ages can wear. In the past, it was the hairstyle that most people opted for on bad hair days. Not anymore! Today, it is a hairstyle you can wear day-in, day-out, on practically any occasion. Learning how to make ponytail on your own is easy. If you practice doing it, you will get used to it and be able to experiment with different variations. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Brush your hair thoroughly from the top to the end. Do this a number of times to free it from tangles and knots. You can also apply some oil or anti-frizz gel to it to give it a natural shine.

  2. Decide if you want to wear your ponytail low, near your nape, for a more formal look, or higher, just along the ear line, for a sportier look.

  3. Gather the hair from the left, right, top and bottom of your head with a hairbrush. If your right hand is holding the brush, the left hand should hold the gathered hair at the center back area of your head.

    Use your hand and brush alternately to ensure that all the hair is held neatly in place. The hair strands will be flattened and your grip will tighten, helping you position your ponytail at the most convenient level. Sprinkle your brush with water or spritz it with hairspray to suppress any unruly hairs.

  4. Now you need to fasten the hair that you are holding in your free hand with the help of a flat rubber band. Do not use an ordinary rubber band (the type used to tie newspapers) as it will only damage your hair strands. Attach one end of the rubber band to your ring finger and the other end to the thumb of your right hand. While holding it that way, switch the hair to your right hand. Slip the rubber band into place at the base of the ponytail. Adjust it into the position where you want your ponytail to start.

  5. Twist your rubber band, fit three fingers into the loop, and pull all the gathered hair inward. This should fuse all the hair at the base of your ponytail, making it tighter. If you want to push the tightened rubber band close to the base, divide the hair into two sections and pull the sections apart. The band should slide down, closer to your scalp. Secure the tightened ponytail by putting the extra loop over the ponytail.

  6. Brush the hair hanging from the ponytail into a wavy form, following one direction. Alternatively, you can experiment with other styles, like twisting. You can make the ponytail curly or leave it as it is.

  7. Now arrange your bangs. If they are short, there’s nothing much you can do with them. But if they are long, you might want to consider brushing them upwards and securing them with hairspray, styling gel, or hair pins.

Wear your ponytail throughout the day. If you release the hair earlier, the rubber band will leave a mark in the center. It will be hard to brush or comb the hair due to the hairspray or styling gel you applied. It is better to wash your hair again when it’s time to loosen it. Learn how to make ponytail from the instructions given above. It is a useful skill to have handy.


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